sábado, 8 de março de 2014

Happy women's day

First of all, I just want to say that I always thought that having an International Women day was stupid, and never accepted other people's congratulations on this day...like...thanks for being born a woman? thanks to the two X chromosomes? Why women need a day? There's no men's day!
Ok...now more serious! I never really felt ok about being congratulated for this day 'cause it's like...ok you're a woman, women need a day.To be honest with you all it always seemed to me that guys were trying to make me feel weak (but maybe it's because I am very suspicious about men who knows!).
But there is a story behind this day: in the 8th March of 1857 women workers of a tissue factory in New Yor k city made a huge strike. They occupied the factory and started demanding for better work conditions like the reduction from 16hours of work (!!!) to 10 hours of work per day!, same wages as men (women gained about 1/3 of men's wages for the same work!) and demanded being respected and treated with dignity in the work place.
The manifestattion was repressed so violently that those women were locked in the factory which was set on fire (on purpose). About 130 women died carbonized in a tremenduous act perpetuated by guess who? Men! (for a change right!?)
Women are wonderful beings, no doubt about it, after all they are the ones with the ability to create life by giving birth, if it was not for the women the world would be over and we could not be here because we had no mums, and grandmums who also wouldn't have mums and so on and so forth until the very beginning of humanity and it's not just the painful process and giving birth they bore...if it wasn't for all their love they wouldn't take care of us and we are born defenseless creatures that if not well treated just die a little while after being born...so there would be no generations of humans, keep that in mind, you exist because of thousands and thousands of women that gave birth throughout the history and took care of their childs...some even might have died during the child-birth.
Amongst the humans I won't be wrong by saying that they, the women, have a bigger ability to love than men.
You see every person (including men who mistreat women) should keep in mind that once lived inside one, we owe them our lives, our bodies, our simple existence, they should be respected for the major role they have in societies throughout history, they are way above men's ability to anything don't doubt about that, so they should have the same rights and men who abuse and/or beat them should be severely punished.
That's why I get so outraged and mad about all those disgusting guys mistreating women, that's why I got so mad everytime a woman is a victim of rape, domestic violence, sexual harrassmet or victim of the prostitution ring! That's why I get so mad when I know baby girls are killed when they're born because some societies prefer boys!
That's why I get so mad when good-looking guys just because they mum made them beautiful think they can mock the girls who they don't find so goo-looking and destroy their self esteem!
What I really want to say is, forget about your dad and your male's ancestory, I mean yeh they had a role too in the life process, but guys don't think with the right head, most likely they just wanted to get laid and never really cared about taking care of the child or the woman after that! In fact, if you go back in History, there were committed lots of rapes during the lootings...most likely we are descendents from an awful event like that took place (hopefully!) hundreds of years ago! But still, that women had those babies and took care of them until they grow up!
All I really want to say to all those misogynists guys that mistreat, objectify and disrespect women is that if it was not for the women they would never have lived (maybe it was better if they don't!)and yes, you were inside one when you were just an innocent and harmless being...so keep that in mind, without women and their love you would be nothing!
So here's my special thanks to all the feminist women that fought for women's rights in the past (and for those who still fighting), thanks to all those women the women from today could escape their miserable life of boredom, humiliation and submission to men , thanks to them, women from today can control their lives and their bodies and have financial and emotional independence!
 All those women were very brave and suffered for fighting against a sexist and  misogynistic society demanding the right to work and vote, the right to control their bodies and their lives. For centuries all this freedom for women was unthinkable! But there is a long way to go specially in countries where religion rules (why religion hates women?!) where women are treated as objects that belong to men, countries where little girls get married to grown up men, countries where women still can't study, work, vote or even have freedom of speech!
So to all the lucky girls of nowadays please don't let it all go to waste objectifying yourselves merely as sexual objects, your silly duckfaces and frivolous conversations and aims in life! Don't get in a super controlled and jealous relationship, don't let a man own you or control you and take away your self esteem, don't let a guy disrespect or mistreat you!
You can do better, you're all so much better than that!
Girls you run the world!

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