sábado, 2 de agosto de 2014

So am I a loser?

it's funny, nobody at a certain age likes living with parents, and their parents, even not really saying it, are looking forward to get rid of them at some point. True! But why are you considered a loser or a scrub to live with your parents and a winner when you stop living with parents and live with some random guy or girl,paying a mortgage for the next 40 years, sharing a life and paying the same bills, or getting married and then become a parent continuing the endless cycle of domestic discussions and mutual agressions? people are strange. What puzzles me the most is the fact if you live at your parent's expense after the 18 years old (which is not always nice, you know, you hear a lot a stuff from your parents, and they will always try to control you and submit you to their will because it's their money and their roof so you follow their goddam rules) but living at your parents expense makes you a loser for the society, but having someone who will live at your expense (aka kids) make you a winner?
Sorry but I'd rather be a loser and then be alone forever.Losers are free ;)