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Morrissey concert

This MondayI had the absolute privilege and joy to see a living legend of music singing. That's right, I attended Morrissey's concert at Lisbon, thi 6th October, and I can perfectly say: now my heart is full (although he did not sing this song...well he has so many and they are all great it's crazy!).
You know, we now live in a world, where everything is artificial and politically correct, you cannot say what you think and feel completely, you have to find subtle ways to criticize, well...you better avoid criticism! And the songs all day in radio and TV are rubbish...that songs are meant to keep you entertained, no message, no polemics, no troubles, 'cause people don't want to think! And the only way that nowaday's super stars have to shosck is overexposing the topic: "sex" (how can anybody feel shocked anymore? like Marina and the Diamonds says in her song "sex", we have seen everything and nothing is provokative anymore...not even for kids. We all know about gametas, and other body fluids, the hormones your body produce that keep your brain happy, the endorphines that are released in your body stream...and when it's not in a scientific perception you can see it, softcore in movies and sop operas....and well you can also surf on the internet where an entire Universe of gigabytes of porn are filling tons and tons and tons of optical fibre and terabytes of memories...just so lonelly wankers can jerk off epelling about 250 million sperms which apparently makes men happy...neverthless porn is a tabu, it shoudn't!). Anyways celebrities find in sex a way to have publicity, so girls take her clothes off and get naked, and it's shamelless 'cause we all know that's how they get famous and boys appear in their video clipes boasting about screwing harems of girls...as if it was a good thing to be a whore, right? Moreover, every rockband or rock snger has the motto: sex, drugs and violence. Basically, rebels with no cause. And then, there is this guy, Moriissey, the antithesis of rock, he doesn't boast about sex, he doesn't care if people doubt about wether he is gay or bi or asexual, he doesn't do drugs, he doesn't drink, he doesn't party and surelly he is not violent, he has a really kind heart, and you can see that by the way hhe treats animals and care about them. Only good-hearted persons can feel that deep, and a man who mistreats animals is not kind.
Ok, sometimes people say he's rude and difficult to deal with, may be, but all misanthrtropists are and that's because they can't stand the human hypocrisy, their falsehood and wickedness. Also he doesn't change to please other people, he's genuine, straightforward and that's something rare in such and hypocritical world!
So he's cool being the extremelly opposite of other rock singers, also he really does have things to say, and even if the songs are a bit sad, he has a soundtrack that makes it kind of an happy sad. It's been like that since the Smiths.
Most part of my acquaintances do not know Smiths or Morrissey, well he is not mainstream. Mainstream hates him and he hates mainstream, and I love him for that too.
Morrissey songs have true meaning, and he sings with all his soul, and all his heart.
And I must admit, I think I am like him. Actually some friends of mine have said: "you are soooooooo Morrissey", and it really sounds like a compliment: the pro-animals cause, the early vegetarianism, the rudeness needed to make people understand you want to be alone than with bunch of idiots, the polemic ideas, the straightforwardness, the ultra sensitivity against the horrors in this world, the sarcasm, the braveness and courage to speak out loud your ideas with no fear of being excluded, criticized, unloved just for being different, the misanthropism, finding solace in loneliness...
About this specific concert, well regardless of him saying several times "gracias" instead of "obrigado" (big ofense here we are not spannish! if we were this would be Spain, and well it isn't...it's just close to ok?) it was terrific. His voice is so human and I just couldn't believe I was seeing him.
He sang 4 songs of the mythic band "The Smiths": "The Queen is Dead", "Hand in Glove", "Meat is Murder" and "Hand in glove". And I cried when in the background of the stage there were pictures of animals being tortured and killed in slaughter houses...I don't eat meat too, for more than 10 years, and I just can't see animals being mistreated...it was awful and painful to see, but hope people change and think twice before continuing supporting the meat industry by eating animal corpses that they insist calling food. Morrissey told us to buy a spray and write on McDonalds publicity placards "shit shit shit no no no".
I cried also in the Asleep song no shame on that, good music gives me shivers!
Besides criticizing the british royal famly (in the song "Bring the bride down the aisle", there was a placard with Kate and William picture and a legend saying "United Kingdumb"...just not to mention "The Queen is dead", with the queen showing the middle finger), Morrissey sang more songs with meaning, deep message and fantastic melodies, actually in "I'm not a man", he trully states his misanthropic view of things..."I'm not a man I'd never kill or eat an animal and I never would destroy this planet I'm on", in "Worldpeace is none of your business" he criticizes the way our society is, like we're paying taxes to make war in other countries and we are suppose to never ask questions, simply work, pay taxes, never ask why, vote and support the process, overwhelming lyrics and melody, must teall ya.
In the song "bullfigheter dies (and nobody cries)" there's also images of bullfighting.
I loved the concert, I love Morrissey, I love Smiths....I really find comfort by knowing that there is someone out there that is as a human wreck as I am: maladjusted, clever, human (in the real term), that has no fear of being hated by just being true, being real, someone with a cause, a message, someone who really cares about giving animals a voice...people like him, really make me still have hope in humans....some of us are good, even if they are always rejected by this sick society. I can say he's like a role model to me, a hero maybe, I feel like he may be some of the few persons who could possibly understand me because we are much alike, so I'm glad he exists and I saw him.
Also heard some news he's ill, I really hope he gets better, because the world needs people like him. It's always a surprise and very recomforting to see a person with compassion, personality and soul.
Thank you Morrissey! :)

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