sexta-feira, 26 de junho de 2015

Nepal, is doing it right!

Next week I was absolutely revolted and shcoked and disgusted to live in a planet where there is a dog meat festival where dogs are brutally killed (like boiled alive, decapitaed, beaten to death) and brutally treated before they are murdered and then eaten. This gruesome festival is the Yulin and happens in China. I have talked about dog meat trade in Asia on my blog before, and unfortunatelly yes, some people in Asia eat cats and dogs.
But today I read that there is a festival in Nepal named Tihar, where dogs are celebrated for being beautiful and friendly creatures, this really warmed my heart, the expression of love and gratitude on those dog's eyes are priceless. This is how we should treat a best friend!
Good to know not everything is bad in this world. :)
Much love to Nepal!:)


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