domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2016

Another uninnocent, elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults

So I just saw this videos on you tube and I think they are very cool and actually can teach you about the fraud of the banking system, which also means the fraud of our life, because it is almost all about money making.
So you are an adult now, so you have to be one, not that you have other choice, have you? as an adult you have to bring value to our society and that means: money, you have to have a way to get an occupation which can provide you each month with a series of numbers on the screen which you call wage and manage to pay for your stuff and taxes for the government to do wtf they want including giving bankers A LOT of bonuses as a way of thanking them for their parasitic "jobs" creating money out of thin air, because money is an illusion, economy is a scam and nothing is real, banks rely on your trust, trust that your life savings are safe when in fact those little numbers you saved from hours of your work are being used to multiply money into credit and to bets in the stocket market, money is fluid and it's everywhere, your money just won't stay still safe in a place altough it will always appear those same numbers in the basically you as an adult are being told now you will learn how life is hard to make (capture: make a living=making live), or not, if you are one of the magicians in the banking system, you put all your trust and effort in life following those pretty numbers when in fact your account has no material money....and we care too much about this shit when in fact this system is a lie of endless debt and endless wars that hopefully one day will collapse because it is a FRAUD. If you can't join this monopoly game you know what happens right? if your time has no value in the form of money you will be banned from this capitalistic society and turn to be an hobbo or something, because altough we share the same planet and we all should be entitled to have the same opportunities and share of what is ours, there comes the bankers, the owners of the world that with their wicked black magic determine who can survive, who dies from hunger, who gets rich and who lives an average life. Nothing new I guess we all knew that before...isn't it wonderful to be a fucking adult and do adult stuff like blindly accept the fraud of the world we live in? 

"you get mistaken for strangers by your own friends, when you pass them at night under the silvery, silvery Citibank lights"

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