quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2016

just think happy thoughts

whenever I go to graveyards it makes me think why are people so obcessed with having nice and in shape pieces of their meat, some even diet all life so other's can see their bones....I mean all bodies are meant to rotten and be forgoten, don't they know we're meat for the flies?
In case you did not notice, we are oblivious in our pathetic and unguided existence (even if you are religious you feel the void and nonesense of living, we all do), and no matter how good you live you can die any moment and it doesn't matter how many good experiences you pass through in life one day it will be memories that you forget as you grow old due to the entropic decay of all biological systems and even if you die with memories still printed in your brain....who cares it all disappears too because it was just info in your mind, memories are not real. So basically this is life, enjoy it while you still can and produce a lot of serotinine substance in your brain to make it all worth it (aka be happy)

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