sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2016

My New Year Resolution

This is my new year's resolution, I will make ABSOLUTELY NO EFFORT to keep people in my life, it doesn't matter if it is a friend, an acquaintance, a colleague from work or university, an ex colleague from school, old crushes, new flames, even people I liked to meet, living nearby or far away or even members of my own family, I will do NOTHING to make you still remember me, if you don't talk to me or invite me to go out, don't expect me to do so because I won't, if you don't care or pretend you don't or are waiting for me to care first, forget it I won't. I don't care if we never talk again or see each other again, my goal is to dettach emotionally from all, because attachment is the root of all suffering. I know lots of people stayed for sure in 2015 I'll see who stills with me by the end of this year, if no one, I will keep improving myself and follow my own goals anyways.

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