sábado, 13 de fevereiro de 2016

modern "education"

You have a fucking paper because you passed in all those tons of fucking tests and exams by memorizing and copying and cheeting, you also spent tons of time and money on it, congratulations, you must be so fucking smart. Now start the racing rat trying to find a job in order to gain virtual numbers on a screen (aka wage) to pay for your college fucking debts and your mortgage for the house you live in but leave vacant all day to go to work and to pay for your car that you use to...oh yes to go to work. After 50 years maybe you will be debt free who knows, and end up ok in an old age house forgetting your life, maybe it's better to forget it anyways because it was boring, dull and normal as fuck. And reproduce, please don't ever miss that, the planet needs more virus like us to overpopulate and overconsume and to keep the social security stable, please ensure during and after your stay the system keeps working as it always was, be obedient, be nice, don't develop critical thinking, adopt political correct ideas...and be happy, if you can of course (as if...).
Concluding I have no doubts that school is mental slavery and all this "educational" system is a hoax meant to make you subservient, and obedient to the system. It is not because you memorized tons of formulas and concepts and repeated exercises endlessly just to get it all mechanical in your machine head and regurgitate it all in a test that you are smarter than other persons. School is all about passing formated tests and exams and get your mind formated for another formated job where you must obbey without giving your opinion another form of authority just because that authotity rewards you with bits of numbers in a screen for your wasted time. This is the truth, everything is a hoax

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