sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2016

TV, fear and mind control

Fear is everywhere when you turn on the TV,that is the government propaganda to keep their sheeple under control...I had some moronic friends and family members shiting their pants out worrying about a terrorist attack from Isis in London, and regarding going to Paris oh well think twice! So my sheeple brainwashed parents started the day with the news of explosions in Belgium..."it could be you","really?didn't go to Belgium and it's not even in my plans","oh well it could have been in London?","I mean, was it in London?like some crazy dude can't make him explode in a metro in Lisbon, or I get hitted by a car or have a stroke???", anyways what I am worried about is if this is an attack ordered by our own governments to make sheeple support endless wars in the middle don't think our governments do false flag attacks?of course NOT, they never lie to us, they respect the laws and people's will like ever don't they?'s funny how we only care about this kind of deals when it happens to "our people" in "our countries"(because hell yes the world belongs to all living things and not to your imaginary lines, got it?)....11 people or so got killed today but just wonder how many get killed everyday by our troops with their high tech bombs and planes and guns everyday in the Middle East....hundreds....thousands per month and year....does that makes us better humans than this terrorists?I think not, sorry to say. We pretend it's not our deal when actually big part of EU and USA economy is based on gun trade to sell to countries in war destabilized in first place by us....ask more questions for yourself....who trained and funded Isis?who sells high tech guns to Isis?who is buying cheap oil from Isis?Why nobody talks about the Al Qaeda (which by the way is the same scam as Isis)?why you don't even give a fuck there were no mass destruction weapons in Iraq and our government said that was the reason we should invade Iraq?Terrorism is subjective and honestly we stupid sheeple from the west are the worst ever even if you think you are innocent the fact you just blindly follow media and ignore what's happening in those countries you don't even know how to locate in the fucking map because you are a fucking dumb ignorant moron who cares about nothing makes the life of our NWO leaders much easier.....I don't care if you think I am crazy, or brutal, I am in fact well informed and just fed up of stupid people who use the TV as their brain and are afraid of death while living a stupid life. You can never avoid death under no circunstances, she will come and get you whether you are asleep, young, old, in the army or crossing the street or flying in a plane or get stabbed in the street by a killer or just have your own biology against you, all you can do is try to make this place a better one to live in while you are alive, to all people not just for you, so turn off the tv and live your life, travel, read and think for yourself.Done and said!