domingo, 17 de julho de 2016


First they ignore you, then they laught at you and hate you, then they fight you and then you win. I know it was a week ago still Portugal won the Euro 2016, but why should I shut up with this ? Bare in mind mon chérs we will be euro champions for the next 4 years!!! So get used to. Few teams will have the oportunity to win something this huge and even less countries as well, I guess, some of them will never win anything, others won the Euro 20 years ago and others (like the so called great England) never won an Euro. It was a lot of fun during june and july watching the games with other thousands of portuguese people and my friends and honestly I cannot even believe we won. I know it is just football but still it mixes with a lot of emotions and I am incredibly grateful of having the experience of seeing the portuguese team win the Euro in my lifetime, I also wished it to be true, but never believed it was possible. But for me all this was much more than footbal games, it taught me and showed me a very important thing, because I never really believed my team passed even the first eliminatory when we didn't win (neither lose) or impress, and then game after game I always had the feeling this would be probably the last game, I felt and thought all of this until Eder(the guy that spent more time in the bench and nobody believed in and laughed about and was even criticized by the critics for being selected to play in the national portuguese team for the Euro=  scored at the final game close to the very end, because I am not confident and am always expecting to lose or be disappointed in the end so I start preparing myself for the worse so I don't feel even worse when things go in a way against what I wanted or wished for), but they showed me that even if everyone is against you and tries to make you feel bad (like the media that criticized Portugal and said we shoudn't win, calling us disgusting, or be in Euro, or as a country be in Europe or even fans from other countries that feel disgusted and jealous that we won, and all that envy and discredit and the players that kickedCristiano Ronaldo out so it would be easier for them to run us over, and the french players who refused the silver medals, because they are too good for that, and the french fans that made a petition to repeat the Euro because they don't accept they lost and so on and so forth, just for not to mention the silence of my envious foreigner "friends"), when everyone disbelieves you but it is something you wish dearly from the bottom of your heart, you get the courage and will to pursue your dreams and make it come true, don't matter who tells you that it is impossible, you dream too big, or you can't do it...foccus on your plans, work hard, believe yourself, make it come true. Had also enough of foreigner people always depicting us as the losers, the small country guys, we proved otherwise and I hope from now on the portuguese people feel the same about themselves and Portugal, in any fields, we have our own value, we can do anything and there is not such a thing as dreaming too big for who gave new worlds to world. This was also a lesson for my life: believe yourself, work for your dreams, ignore the haters and people who want to see you lose and defeated...everything is possible when you believe. From now on I do believe in ALL of my dreams. So thank you so much for this...we are the champions, my friends. And next time someone asks me where I am from, I will be even more proud of saying: I am from Portugal!

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