quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2016


Adults: boring families, their life savings, mortgages to banks, their fucking kids and grandkids, their confort marriages and predictable weddings, their birth control prescriptions, their abortions, their x rated videos, their daily health drugs, their cancers, their stupid repeatitive jobs, their taxes, their retirement plans, their stupid money that somehow entitles them dignity....everyone is living the same stupid life as everyone because they not even have imagination for more. Adults always pretend to be responsible and emotionally stable when they simply are brooken and dead inside. No you fucking don't know better, your life was, is and will end up being a sad joke

Wake me up when september ends

15 years ago the US government did one of the most outrageous attacks against their own people under the pretext of starting an endless war on terror and expand their power and control worldwide under their empirialistic war machine with support of main stream media propaganda and brainless sheep like you that buy any shit. 9 11 was an inside job wether you want to admit it or not and wether or not the archives and investigation is classified,inconclusive and closed. According to physics the math just don't add up:jet fuel can't burn steal and two planes can't knock down 3 buildings,a building built fire proof can't fall down in seconds with the aceleration of gravity. And offended you are,a fuck I don't give. Grow up!