segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2016

Lessons learnt in life

Learn:when people have doubts whether spending time with you or not, bullshiting you about not knowing how they really feel, like they are so emotionally stupid and not even can understand themselves (and expect you to do?), when they make excuses to see you instead of making efforts, when they always expect you to start conversations first and keep the conversation dull and monosylabic, when they don't clearly reject you and not completely accept you because their feelings and thoughts are confused and they need to find themselves, so they say, it means they are not into you, giving you sort o false hopes is their game in order to keep you in the reserve and take you out of the shelve when they are bored or need you...this behaviour means you are not their priority but solely one of their options 2,3,4,5, wtv to lift their ego up. When you feel right with someone there is not such things as confusion, and pride games, because your heart is certain. Don't fall for players and assholes, they'll drain all your energy and make you waste your most beautiful emotions until you become numb not able to feel anything as great as it again because you literally wasted your most powerful energy in vain.

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