sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2016

save the children!

Ok people, I am super disgusted and can't sleep at night, and  I really need to tell someone about this.
You don't hear it in mainstream media, but wikileaks hacked e-mails from Hillary Clinton and her staff disclosed a pedophilic ring, in which her chairman John Podesta is very important.
So apparently pizza is a name code pedophiles use to call little girls, and this John Podesta guy talked in pedophilic code lots of times with other supposed pedophiles.
So I read some e-mails of this disgusting guy going to a spirit cooking at a private home done by the satanic artistis Marina Abramovic or something like this and also something about pizza and I was clueless, but now this is starting to make sense.
I have heard from a lot of "conspiracy" theories researches and real witnesses, most people in power are sick pedophilic satanists, but never researched too much about that.
So if this information in this videos and all this sites is true 100% ,there is a a restaurant called Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC, USA,  where they serve pizzas, it is also a bar and they give parties, in which all ages are welcomed (weird...). Some owners and visitors of this creepy place have accounts on twitter and instagram where this pictures were leaked, and if they are real, it is really really disturbing all this obcession with kids and babies, the fact they have coffins in basements and holes on the ground, and a crazy room in a cave some comments on that picture say "so much fun", "kill room"...and then this nasty ugly video with a creepy performer making pedophilic "jokes" I am afraid this even might be something that happened! The fact that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and some other elite people go in this pizza restaurant...after all, what can be so important about a pizza place?
I am really disturbed and confused, you can watch the videos on youtube, made by incredible ordinary researchers that are trying to wake people up to this nasty and ugly world, controlled and ruled by psycopaths. I'm not going to post the videos here because it is awful, and I don't want my blogue to have this kind of content, but neverthless I had to make a way to reach my audience and tell them about this super strange thing, so I saw this documentaries: 
#PizzaGate: what we know so far:
A site saying this is a true story:
New York Times saying it is a fake new,:
Well let me tell you something, I really wish this story was fake, but I need more than a newspaper saying "yeh it is fake", without explaining this facts and why this people speak in weird pedo codes and put weird pictures on their instagarms and pedo friendly logos on their pizzas this main stream morons didn't get this right already????WE NEED MORE THAN YOU SAYING TO US SOME INDEPENDENT RESEARCH SPREAD ON THE INTERNET IS FAKE JUST BECAUSE...OH YOU SAID IT IS FAKE! Without even investigate this instagram weird people and their weird photos, specially with kids???Without talking about the pedo codes on the e-mails leaked by wikileaks??? We know this stuff now! No turning back, mainstream media is going down, we don't trust you anymore and even if you push to censor us or shut us down putting Mark Zuckerberg and other techonology kings to censor what you call fake news? Who decides what is true or false? YOU!? I guess not! Facts speak louder than your words nobody listens to anymore, you mainstream are bought and corrupt and protect the elite, but you can't no longer program us or distort reality, we are aware and we will fix this, because we will no longer stay silent and consume your false reality! We have minds of our own and endless people fighting for truth inside and outside the internet, we will defeat you sooner or later, there are more of us than you, and we are no longer afraid!
And there is many many more, interesting research material, but I got sick enough from it and I really wish I could eliminate this "people", because in my views pedophiles have no right to live!
Listen, you will not hear this from the main stream media, so research for yourself, read the wikileaks leaked e-mails, no one in power ever said it was false, because they were hacked, all you get from this in power people is go ahead and say I must be positive and stop researching things like this, and pretend the world is beautiful and all people are good, because that makes you feel happy...being an ignorant of the reality! I can't be happy knowing in this world kids ard being victimized and taken to pedophile rings for sick adults' entertainment that torture, rape them and even murder them, and you get mad at me and other truthers because we are telling you the truth!??This is the kind of people that rule nations and banks, this is our sick elite, if NSA used surveillance to spot and arrest pedophiles they would do a good thing, but they can't, because people in power are pedophiles and they are protected! This people are sick, we must expose them and make justice even if it has to be by our hands, acknowledge truth, expose, act. We are more and more each days, we know what the elite does and we will not tolerate to be ruled by sick pervs like them anymore, no matter how much mainstream media protects you, and you try to label truthers investigations as fake news and shut us down...we are waking up, you will not control us anymore, we have the power! NWO is going down!
Everybody should know about this stuff...pedophilia is real and exists specially in the elite members, they are sometimes even knighted by the Queen of England (like that creep the Savile!), they are then protected by their own corrupt laws, courts, and media, so we apparently can't do anything to stop it...unless we act by our own forces. Pedophilles do not deserve to live, seriously I would kill some if I had the chance and believe I would do the world a huge huge favour!
We must save this kids!

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