domingo, 27 de novembro de 2016

why the pedo elite want google, twitter and facebook to censor "fake" news?

Media is trying to debunk the PizzaGate peadophilic scandal just saying it is fake, because it is fake, and they are the ones who decide what is fake or real without investigating the serious proof and weird instagram pictures and comments alternative media found! 
I insist, you must read the e-mails of John Podesta on wikileaks talking in pedo code saying "when can I do a pizza?", and other sick things.
Rad this pedo fucktard e-mails on wikileaks speaking in pedo codes and then tell me if you think this is a normal conversation and if the FBI should investigate Hillary Clinton and other sick people related to them! READ! Instead of just mocking "conspiracy theories" READ! This is extremelly serious people!
What does this Podesta creep guy mean by "still in torture chamber...last night was fun!?"
Also, why the hell would this guy would be in a pool with 3 kids aged 11,9 and 7to have further entertainment? Read: Does this seems normal and innocent to you at all???
Who the hell plays dominos on cheese and pasta?
Here, leaked info from the instagram of the owner of this pizza shop:
 I also found this very interesting and well done videos:
It is also sick this elite pedos have put pedo codes all along in our movies and tv shows for kids, like this weird episode with the Olsen sisters:
Pizzagate will be a never ending investigation, we will not be silenced even if facebook and google block independent activists and researchers and hackers, we can make this information go viral even with your censor and media trying to debunk paedophilia rings controlled by the elite, instead of actually block and ban peaedophiles from the webb and Isis tweets. The elite is the only one with power to buy mainstream media into protect their image, don't go to courts using corrupt lawyers and judges that make a way out the corrupt laws and stop the police investigation. You need guts to know about this sick perversions, but don't turn your back away from it just because you realize how the world is sick, because we need your atention and outrage and disgust and force to stop this sick elite from molesting, torturing, raping and killing kids. We, the people have to do this, not the corrupt politicians, journalists, judges or the police because they obbey the system, WE HAVE, we will!If you care about children and hate this sick people spread this investigation, make it go viral, and do all you can to help any kid. This is one of my new purposes in life, help this kids and stop this sick pedo pervs, hope you are with me....remember there are more of us than more of them, and they are scared to death of our awakenning. A good pedo is a dead pedo!This monsters have no right to live, even less being in power of nations, courts, etc, etc and try to control us, the elite does not deserve any obedience or respect! We are not afraid!

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