sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2016

To 2016

2016 was a very good year for me in general, nothing really bad happened to me, and I made several dreams come true, like going to London, Oxford and Cambridge and learn italian and see the portuguese national team win the Euro Championship, had a real good time overall, awesome meals, fantastic movies and books, still have my closed family with me, and I do love them despite it is difficult to be with them sometimes, I got a new job and saved money for new travels that will happen in 2017, I made some new friends and lost some old ones, some people disappointed me but I am glad to know who they really are and letting them go, other people neglected my friendship and lost me, and when you lose me, you lose me for good. Anyways I feel like I am an even stronger person than I was before because I still don't mind what other people say or think, I have my own thing, speak my mind and follow my plans. I know 2017 I will still be improving myself and my life in general, and I hope I still be caring less and less and less about stupid people who I consider now totally unworthy of meeting me. For everyone that still deserves my respect and friendship, I'll see you in 2017. Happy New Year!

Best movie of 2016

The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge was absolutely one of the best movies I ever seen, and best part is that it was inspired in a real story of a very very good person called Desmond Doss. I am a real anti-war, anti-army convicted and I do believe the lord wars take advantage on the good will of the youth to make them go to war, hating people they never met and never knew just because of political propaganda and nationalism. If you do some research you will get that Pear Harbour was an inside job, the US troops pretended to be attacked by the japanese to have a pretext to go to war with them, and the japaneses were only trying to fight in their own invaded country...so sad to see 70 years later sheeple continue to buy this shit, even after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, based on lies and only political propaganda covered by the main stream media and now they are falling for the Isis hoax again. No war is worth it or needed to fight for, and if you see the movie you will have a glimpse of what war is like. And the fact someone so good spirited like Desdmond Doss existed is without doubt very very inspiring.

The best moment of 2016

Whatever haters may say, I definitely think the fact Portugal (my country) won the Euro Championship for the first time ever was the best time of the year, and one of the best days of my life, including the day after when I went to welcome our team back. We are so used to others winning everything and then watch their party while dealing with defeat that we are not used to win, so when we actually won I did not believe it, and still now it is weird to know we did, I still barelly can believe it.
And rememebr WE will be champions of Europe until 2020 at least. :)

segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2016

Last Christmas

I met you in the christmas eve, two years ago, and I remember telling you that you were the best christmas present ever, I remember you saying how lucky you were to meet me, and how it now sounds like pitty lies, I remember seeing the dawn of the day with you in an empty christmas market, but most of all I remember how strange it was to find what I was longing for and imagining in m mind without even being looking for, because I never thought you were real or even if our paths crossed, but I dreamed about you 25 years before I met you, and I know it was you, because I felt it with every sense of my being, I felt something I never did for nothing or anyone, and all it took was to look at you, they say love is around the corner, and indeed on a corner I met you waiting, gazing out in space when I shooked you from the coma to ask you about a place called "lost in translation" just to talk to you... and so last christmas I saw you one last time and for the last time, I know it meant peanuts to you, but you were the worst best present I ever had...once bitten and twice shy I keep my distance but you still catch my eye, tell me, babe, do you recognize me?Well,it's been a year,it doesn't surprise me.I remember that note saying, "I love you," I really meant it, now I know what a fool I've been, this year to save me from tears I wish you die in my mind and my heart once and for all. So every christmas from the day I saw you until I live I will always have this mix feeling of love and hate for Christmas, because it was an incredible blessing to meet you but a very painful curse to lose you. But last christmas was really the last christmas, and my mind still plays the last 2 christmas in my head over and over and over again, and I love you and I hate you for that.

They say I need to move on and forget, but I'm afraid I'll love you forever, even if we're never going to be together, because I was in love with you even before I met you for real.

And so last christmas was the last.

domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2016

Merry Saturnalia

Well, well, well, Saturnalia, the real root of Christmas that is nothing but a pagan tradition when back then the god saturn was worshipped and they did so by doing human sacrifices,having orgies, and getting drunk and eating tons of food. This has nothing to do with Christ, and Christmas is not even mentioned in the bible
 Still have fun being deceived. Peace!

quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2016

tell me about the lies you saw on Tell Lie Vision

Well well well I knew this attack on "fake news" would certainly bring new hoaxes and false flags....and nothing but a dosis of fear mongering by the fear porn of main stream media....when you wake up from the matrix you really start wondering if everything tv tells you is truth....anyways seems to me the lack of realism and graphic pictures and videos  of the last days supposed terrorist attacks that all this is just some hoaxes with media coverage to make you think what the agenda wants to make you believe....by planting fake terrorists attacks they are on their way to make the public support a direct invasion of Syria (because indirectly our governments sold weapons and trained Isis by the way) and of course they want us to blame Russia and Islam (to start a war you need a common enemy)....so the elite creates the problem, which causes a reaction (our anger) and they have the solution (more war)...wake up sleepy heads! It is the masonic moto "order out of chaos".
Of course I am talking about the last supposed terror attack in Germany...you see, 2016 was just another year of staged hoaxes false flags psyops...we had the most blatant hoax ever of the Orlando Pulse fake shooting and the Nice attacks also with a bus, the Frankfurt shooting, many other more and now the "killing" of russian ambassador and now this shit! Seriously I had any evidence ZERO of this being true,zero blood, zero victim names, zero dead bodies, zero CCTV footage, this time they did not even bothered to hire crisis actors like with the Pulse shooting or use fake blood and dummies like in the low resolution photos of Nice.And why the hell does the terrorists always carry their passports and IDs around? sometimes it is so convenient that it seems like...they were planted there! 
 Seriously what the world we live in that Game of Thrones and horror movies are more graphic and appear to be more realistic than this fake news covered by this fake media corporations (aka mainstream media)? no wonder they want to ban alternative media from the internet...people don't buy this shit anymore. Ridiculous! You tell me you believe this and other stories because you saw on TV or read in a newspaper? get a fucking clue!

If you don't believe that nowadays still lots of things we see on TV are simply hoaxes, staged events with media coverages or even false flags, see this video:´

Kind of reminds this song and this video:

quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2016

the real terrorists

Let me explain you: the real terrorists are USA, and NATO in general, so you don't have to fear muslims or someone from the Middle East, you have to fear USA and NATO forces, your own government that conspires against you and your disgusting fake media that is simply a propaganda outlet for the agenda of the big government. I'm not conservative or liberal or nothing, I am just pointing out a fact. Look yourself in mirror and face what your taxes are used for, your income is legally stolen from you every month for this murders...but because it is an foreign country you are too dumb even to point in the map of the world, it is not murder, it is colateral damage. USA is the country that perpetuated the most hideous crimes against humanity since WWII, followed by other NATO forces, countries from European Union (UK, France, Germany...) and of course Israel...they definitely should go to court and be judged for crimes against humanity. And by the way when you say you support your god damn troops it makes me sick! Wars are not needed, they are engineered by politicians who constructed a common enemie with the help of media propaganda and sometimes a false flag attack or two to give you the impression you must fight back your supposed enemie...being supportive of troops means you support wars and murder and I got absolutely no fucking respect for you and your fucking stupid soldiers.

sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2016

why is the pope attacking "fake" news?

So here we go again, one of the main puppet/masters of the elite, the Pope, is very concerned about the so called "fake" media is exposing the pedophile elite, which means, his pedo friends that he protects while seem to care about children...so he calls this independent investigation as a sin! Great! (read: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/309179-pope-francis-its-a-sin-to-spread-fake-news-focus-on-scandals).
Now remember when the media lied to us about 9/11 (some even believe the "official" story nowadays...sad)...or let's say when main stream media told us lies to sell us wars like the one in Iraq that supposdely, had weapons of mass destruction...well then, they were never found, thousands of people were killed, a country destroyed...nothing happened to the liar media that is nothing but a propaganda outlet of governments. Now that less and less people believe in main stream media they want to attack independent and alternative media and only stuff the main stream media says must be called truth?
It is evident, the pedo elite don't want us to expose them so they want to end fake (aka alternative) news so they can still mind control us and program us to accept the reality they want us to believe in.
But one thing I know, when the pope assumes pedophilia at the highest levels don't exist, move along, nothing to see here after years and years of the catholic church defending priests against the henious crimes of abuse of children ..... THEN YOU GOD DAMN KNOW IT'S REAL!
Watch what people do, or let happen...this guy is not a saint, far from it, he is part of the problem.