sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2016

Best movie of 2016

The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge was absolutely one of the best movies I ever seen, and best part is that it was inspired in a real story of a very very good person called Desmond Doss. I am a real anti-war, anti-army convicted and I do believe the lord wars take advantage on the good will of the youth to make them go to war, hating people they never met and never knew just because of political propaganda and nationalism. If you do some research you will get that Pear Harbour was an inside job, the US troops pretended to be attacked by the japanese to have a pretext to go to war with them, and the japaneses were only trying to fight in their own invaded country...so sad to see 70 years later sheeple continue to buy this shit, even after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, based on lies and only political propaganda covered by the main stream media and now they are falling for the Isis hoax again. No war is worth it or needed to fight for, and if you see the movie you will have a glimpse of what war is like. And the fact someone so good spirited like Desdmond Doss existed is without doubt very very inspiring.

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