segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2016

Last Christmas

I met you in the christmas eve, two years ago, and I remember telling you that you were the best christmas present ever, I remember you saying how lucky you were to meet me, and how it now sounds like pitty lies, I remember seeing the dawn of the day with you in an empty christmas market, but most of all I remember how strange it was to find what I was longing for and imagining in m mind without even being looking for, because I never thought you were real or even if our paths crossed, but I dreamed about you 25 years before I met you, and I know it was you, because I felt it with every sense of my being, I felt something I never did for nothing or anyone, and all it took was to look at you, they say love is around the corner, and indeed on a corner I met you waiting, gazing out in space when I shooked you from the coma to ask you about a place called "lost in translation" just to talk to you... and so last christmas I saw you one last time and for the last time, I know it meant peanuts to you, but you were the worst best present I ever had...once bitten and twice shy I keep my distance but you still catch my eye, tell me, babe, do you recognize me?Well,it's been a year,it doesn't surprise me.I remember that note saying, "I love you," I really meant it, now I know what a fool I've been, this year to save me from tears I wish you die in my mind and my heart once and for all. So every christmas from the day I saw you until I live I will always have this mix feeling of love and hate for Christmas, because it was an incredible blessing to meet you but a very painful curse to lose you. But last christmas was really the last christmas, and my mind still plays the last 2 christmas in my head over and over and over again, and I love you and I hate you for that.

They say I need to move on and forget, but I'm afraid I'll love you forever, even if we're never going to be together, because I was in love with you even before I met you for real.

And so last christmas was the last.

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