quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2016

tell me about the lies you saw on Tell Lie Vision

Well well well I knew this attack on "fake news" would certainly bring new hoaxes and false flags....and nothing but a dosis of fear mongering by the fear porn of main stream media....when you wake up from the matrix you really start wondering if everything tv tells you is truth....anyways seems to me the lack of realism and graphic pictures and videos  of the last days supposed terrorist attacks that all this is just some hoaxes with media coverage to make you think what the agenda wants to make you believe....by planting fake terrorists attacks they are on their way to make the public support a direct invasion of Syria (because indirectly our governments sold weapons and trained Isis by the way) and of course they want us to blame Russia and Islam (to start a war you need a common enemy)....so the elite creates the problem, which causes a reaction (our anger) and they have the solution (more war)...wake up sleepy heads! It is the masonic moto "order out of chaos".
Of course I am talking about the last supposed terror attack in Germany...you see, 2016 was just another year of staged hoaxes false flags psyops...we had the most blatant hoax ever of the Orlando Pulse fake shooting and the Nice attacks also with a bus, the Frankfurt shooting, many other more and now the "killing" of russian ambassador and now this shit! Seriously I had any evidence ZERO of this being true,zero blood, zero victim names, zero dead bodies, zero CCTV footage, this time they did not even bothered to hire crisis actors like with the Pulse shooting or use fake blood and dummies like in the low resolution photos of Nice.And why the hell does the terrorists always carry their passports and IDs around? sometimes it is so convenient that it seems like...they were planted there! 
 Seriously what the world we live in that Game of Thrones and horror movies are more graphic and appear to be more realistic than this fake news covered by this fake media corporations (aka mainstream media)? no wonder they want to ban alternative media from the internet...people don't buy this shit anymore. Ridiculous! You tell me you believe this and other stories because you saw on TV or read in a newspaper? get a fucking clue!

If you don't believe that nowadays still lots of things we see on TV are simply hoaxes, staged events with media coverages or even false flags, see this video:´

Kind of reminds this song and this video:

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