quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2016

the real terrorists

Let me explain you: the real terrorists are USA, and NATO in general, so you don't have to fear muslims or someone from the Middle East, you have to fear USA and NATO forces, your own government that conspires against you and your disgusting fake media that is simply a propaganda outlet for the agenda of the big government. I'm not conservative or liberal or nothing, I am just pointing out a fact. Look yourself in mirror and face what your taxes are used for, your income is legally stolen from you every month for this murders...but because it is an foreign country you are too dumb even to point in the map of the world, it is not murder, it is colateral damage. USA is the country that perpetuated the most hideous crimes against humanity since WWII, followed by other NATO forces, countries from European Union (UK, France, Germany...) and of course Israel...they definitely should go to court and be judged for crimes against humanity. And by the way when you say you support your god damn troops it makes me sick! Wars are not needed, they are engineered by politicians who constructed a common enemie with the help of media propaganda and sometimes a false flag attack or two to give you the impression you must fight back your supposed enemie...being supportive of troops means you support wars and murder and I got absolutely no fucking respect for you and your fucking stupid soldiers.

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