sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2016

why is the pope attacking "fake" news?

So here we go again, one of the main puppet/masters of the elite, the Pope, is very concerned about the so called "fake" media is exposing the pedophile elite, which means, his pedo friends that he protects while seem to care about children...so he calls this independent investigation as a sin! Great! (read: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/309179-pope-francis-its-a-sin-to-spread-fake-news-focus-on-scandals).
Now remember when the media lied to us about 9/11 (some even believe the "official" story nowadays...sad)...or let's say when main stream media told us lies to sell us wars like the one in Iraq that supposdely, had weapons of mass destruction...well then, they were never found, thousands of people were killed, a country destroyed...nothing happened to the liar media that is nothing but a propaganda outlet of governments. Now that less and less people believe in main stream media they want to attack independent and alternative media and only stuff the main stream media says must be called truth?
It is evident, the pedo elite don't want us to expose them so they want to end fake (aka alternative) news so they can still mind control us and program us to accept the reality they want us to believe in.
But one thing I know, when the pope assumes pedophilia at the highest levels don't exist, move along, nothing to see here after years and years of the catholic church defending priests against the henious crimes of abuse of children ..... THEN YOU GOD DAMN KNOW IT'S REAL!
Watch what people do, or let happen...this guy is not a saint, far from it, he is part of the problem.

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