quinta-feira, 18 de maio de 2017

You sleep...they live

Holy Moly, I found one of the best videos regarding Illuminati scum I have ever seen, a must watch! Didn't you ever wonder about how is the private (real secret private life) of our elite? So meet your Kings, Queens, Princesses, Princes, your celebrities, your politicians, your bankers....all that scum you were programmed to worship, adore or respect, or even to see as an example and envy and pursue their perfect lifestyle!!! They are not real people but rather a bunch of psycopaths, they are so inhumane some researchers think they are reptilian alliens or demons....either ways, this people have kind of a thing for Satan, express themselves in plain sight their allegiance for satanism, by the symbols they use, the wealthy pedophiles are protected by our justice system (for example, Queen of England's pedophile son was not brought to justice, and many more), ever wonder why is that? why are there so many lost kids nobody ever finds? Speaking particularly of the royal families and the Rockfellers, Rothchilds and Soros...why and how do this bastards get blood transfusions every month and by whom? why and how do they have so many organ transplants and who "donates" them that? why do they all have that psycho scary look in their eyes? why they don't just get a fucking job? And the elite in general...how can our politicians lie to us to get us into wars and not be judged for war crimes? why do our media approves and blind us into their lies? Everybody knows, the elite, during ancient times used to do animal and human sacrifices, they fed themselves from young blood to rejuvenate themselves and even practicized canibalism, they performed ritualistic abuse and murder of young virgins (aka kids)...but all the sudden this royality scum stopped doing that right? Wrong, they keep doing it in secret! I rememeber watching the movie Hostel....one of the sickiest movies ever...or even the Purge, and now I can tell, that was tuth in plain sight, they always showed to us who they are. We are their cattle: we work in their companies, we pay them our taxes, we pay them their infinite absurd debts from craddle to the grave, we feed ourselves with their poisonous food they sells us, we listen and believe in their media propaganda they show us, we fight their wars, we die for them....in return we have bits of their money: their imaginary filthy money they throw at us for us to be able to keep going with our slave lifes (isn't being an adult to pay our own fucking bills?? get a clue!)...still they have all the money in the world, they own all the banks, they own all the land...and if money is the only thing you believe that has value and the only thing you chase in your life, congratulations, you are the perfect slave, 100% controlable.

 Moreover, the basis of the Illuminati cults is to turn everything upside down: so beautiful is ugly, pleasure is pain, good is bad...and even gender inversion, which they perform to their own kids since they are born to create their image of themselves, instead of having the image they were "created" for, a form of mockery to God we could say, and a way to honour the androgynous "Baphomet" God they worship. They are not like us, are they even human? all I know is you sleep...and they live!

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