terça-feira, 11 de julho de 2017

the hardest part of being a vegan

I am not 100% vegan, I don't eat meat for 15 years, I avoid products from animal origin but from time to time eat cheese, soy, rice and almond milk mostly but sometimes cow milk (in ice creams, chocolates, wtv), sometimes I do eat eggs (try to buy free range chicken eggs), and occasionaly fish. People try to mock me and discredit me for not being a real vegan, but even if I was they would criticize me anyways (expect the vegan ones). Anyways, the hardest part of being vegetarian or vegan or not eating meat is not missing the meat itself, a flavour I never liked anyways (taste of death really) is to have to deal with people CONSTANTLY asking you why you have that diet, like you own them an explanation, and if you dare to say you don't want to feed on dead animal's corpses because it doesn't feel right and you have compassion for animals, they treat you like a lunatic, mock you, laugh at you in an agressive way and in my case also add "don't you feel sorry about the fishes? and the plants, why don't you just eat stones???". So I decided to never ever explain myself to ANYONE about my diet even because if you don't eat meat they imagine you as a skinny skeleton and say "how come you're fat?" and stupid stuff like that. My DIET is no one's business but I remember when I came out of the closet to my family when I was 12 (to some people this means telling them you're gay in my case was telling them I wanted to be a vegetarian or at least stop eating meat), their reaction I believe was much worse than when a kid tells their parents they are gay because they used physical and verbal violence against me, tried to force feed me meat and ultimately made me starve until I eventually ended up eating meat again, which did not happen. Dealing with people, even family or friends or strangers, telling them you can't eat the food they cooked and their reaction is the worse part, also not finding good restaurants and have to go to family meetings where you have to watch them eating meat and can't help but feeling disgusted, because whether we like it or not, meat is murder. So fuck the people, I prefer animals anyways by far, if I could save a cow from going to slaughter or a random person I know who I would rather save, because people are sick at all levels and can never reach the kindness and the purest spirit of life that are animals, constantly abused and killed for people's entertainment, and nasty awful meals. I am not perfect, and not judging meat eaters, I am just telling that this intolerant people are the worse part of someone who lives by their own moral standars; you suck buddies and aren't worth any bit of the dead animals you shove down your throat, animal's star is wayyyyy above yours. You may say I hate people but when I see an animal suffering I end up feeling compassion and empathy all over again, so the animals always get me back my humanity and that's the only reason I don't hate people, but definitely not like them that much. Isolation and being anti social are bioproducts of living amonsgt idiots, it used to bother me, but not anymore., my life style doesn't have to make sense for anybody else but for me, and I do not need to be accepted by anyone else, except for me.

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