quinta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2017

Goodbye, so long, and farewell

It is sad when you get played by your feelings and emotions and wishes and silly dreams and when someone you wish you could spend a lifetime with walks away forever with no goodbyes, it is also sad someone that means so much to you treats you like nothing,but I guess losing people along the way makes part of life, nothing lasts forever and we all will disappear one day without a trace, it is also frustrating we cannot control our feelings and even thoughts, sometimes I regret I met you, and can't really understand why you were meant to cross my path....secretly I wish you never did, I wish memories could be erased and also ghost feelings that still linger for way too long would vanish, at the same time I wish I could be the one you chosed, but I am not, but hope you're happy even though I will not make part of your happinness.May at least this pain make me stronger and wiser, so I guess all you can learn from this is to never give your best to someone who doesn't care because at your best you will not be good enough to the wrong person, chose who chose you and save your heart for someone who cares. But never forget, the key to your happiness is a gift way too precious to put in someone else's pocket, don't put too many hopes and feelings in people's hands because they will drop it,they will drop it every time. Chase dreams not people. But in the end I know I was the best thing you never had and you were the best thingI never had, the rest is just a sad song with nothing to say, strangers like before we met, strangers after we met, strangers eternally.Hope you will be happy and hope I can unlove you and totally forget you one day, instead of pretending that I did. So goodbye, so long and farewell.

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