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So I saw a report of a journslist,Ben Swan, about the child trafficking in US (he also investigated Pizzagate and was fired and shut up for a year after doing so), I want to thank thank him and his crew for bringing atention to this issue, it is indeed an horrific theme, most people don't want to hear about and deny it is true because it is hard living in a world acknowledging this happens and the criminals who abuse and kill children walk free. The question he raised is so importante, yes, to WHOM are these children being sold? He mentionned some of them are from the elite (doctors, lawyers, politicians, govenment officials), but it goes deeper than this, these elite people belong to power secret cults where they perform these sick acts, and even kill the children as part of rituals and then cremate them just so there is no proof or victim alive to expose them. Also because they are the lawyers, the politicians, the priests and bankers and rich and influent people they rule the system and so investigations like this never go further to trials because they protect each other's back because they rule the courts, the laws and the money (and even self entitled to own the morals and the power to forgive sins, in the case of priests and religious representatives). I don't want to get in the point of satanic cults so I am not dismissived as a conspiracy nuts but I do believe this elite people are part of it. Do you want to know whom the children are being sold to? I have one idea, probably almost all celebrities and royals, and top bankers, lawyers ,doctors and priests. Remember that pedo guy Jimmy Saville, that was friends with the british royals, got honour medals and even met the pope? Everybody knew he was abusing children, and he said he got recognition from the royals because he did good what services could that be? I would get a hint on he trafficked children to the royals and priests YES. (see: Saville and the royals source daily mail The royals pedophillia and murder)
Also Killary Clinton whose Foundation received Money from people to help Haiti and did not give Haiti a penny, Laura Silsby was arrested trying to traffic kids from Haiti....but to who were those kids being trafficked to??? Of course Killary and her friends knew nothing!? (Clinton Crimes what happened in Haiti Sisby-Clinton trafficking cover up)

And don't forget the case of missing kids in Canada after the queen of England and her husband went to visit an that evil woman is the Head of State and she is above the law because she is the law she can never be investigated, or judged or arrested and this kids were never found and nobody knew what really happenned to them except they were last seen with this royal scum Crimes of Queen Elizabeth and Phillip
Also the vídeo of a naked boy escaping from Buckingham Palace should raise awarenness  they say this is fake but looks like pretty real to me! So it's that man, keep up with the good work you did and I believe it is no coincidence they made your page go black after you adress Pizzagate...that was just the tip of the iceberg!
(Buckingham abuses Boy escaping Buckingham Palace).
The examples never stop, learn more about this topic here: The Darkest Secrets Revealed - Ole Dammegard & Carine Hutsebaut).

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