quinta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2010

my letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa!
This Christmass I will ask you for something new: I don't want trendy clothes, random books I never got the time to read, chocolates I should not eat or pc games I don't play anymore 'cause I learnt to live only the real life (for God sake!), I really don't want any material things you could easily give me and I refuse myself to accept or give to somebody else.
For this christmass I just want friends, maybe they exist and surround me everytime but I just can't see them, everyone look so strange and away from me. I would like you to help me out with this.
And I know it's rude not accepting the gifts that it's offered to us but I'm warning you that the old boring version of friend I don't wana have it and I will return all of them before the warranty expires.
Just help me how to find out people who I can share good moments and deserve my friendship, 'cause I won't be broken again.
With love:  Celta

2 comentários:

  1. So...did you get what you asked for? Or were you just making fun of "Christmas"? How old were you when you wrote this? (and you must know that I'm laughing my heart out right now xD )

  2. AHaha I'm glad my posts make somebody else laugh, besides me, some things here are for laughing, but you have to have a very peculiar sense of humour to got the jokes and speak sarcasm. I was 21, I was a kid, also I am a Grich, therefore I was making fun of Christmas. I didn't get what I asked for because to have friends you have to be a friend first. Now I'm older and I understand ;)