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sharp rise of fees in english's universities and the problem of the European crisis

I heard the news that said that the english government decided to raise to triple the fees that the students pay to study in England and cut on the scholarships.  This decision had to be maid, said the politicians, because austerity measures are accurate to solve the problem of the economic and financial crisis.  It's so ironically funny that the argument of crisis is always used to justify everything the politicians decide to do against their earlier promises and electoral programs that made reach the power of governance...now their voters (young people mostly) see that it was all just a lie, it seems that it doesn't matter as long as you try to know about policy and try to vote consciously because they say this and tomorrow they'll do otherwise. How can governors make people vote right if they just don't give them reasons to believe them anymore?
Of course there is a crisis going on in Europe, but the world wide governments only decide to cut in the rights of citizens, rights that everyone deserve and fought for it, including the right of a fair and free education! I'm not tottally against to pay something to be in college as long it's not too much to be unsupportable for everyone! But what the english government did was to transform the higher education and the access to study in universities into a business, and the students into clients! They want students to pay three more times than they paid before! They paid 3000 pounds before and in the year 2012/2013 the have to pay 9000 pounds per year (approximately 10 000 euros!!!), it's way to high! And students in university usually don't have the time to work and study at the same time, and if they work they will receive the minimum wage or less missing work conditions (for example in some countries in Europe it was made a law to facilitate dismissal of employees by employers and the salaries of civil servants won't be raised anymore...and this all is happening while banking capitalist lead their banks to bankruptcy and it's the money of the citizens that is used to plug the holes, this is all happening in a continet where the luxury hotels are increasing and the luxury brands are being more and more purchased, at least when I'm going down on the street I see a lots of expensive cars, and on the TV I heard the traders of brand name clothing stores and other goumet products saying that they felt no shortfalls in sales...but I see to even more beggars on the street, more and more robberies..and most of misery I believe we don't see because unlike the luxury that everyone wants to show and dash when it comes to misery and poverty almost everyone wants to hide it). So what's goin on afetr all? Can't you see that? The number of rich people is raising and the number of poors too! This society has becoming increasingly unequal and more and more unfair! The crisis it's always the same who pay for it: the poorest ones, the honest ones, the workers with their rights taken! What about the capitalist employers? they have more and more power, more and more money exploring their workers and they count with the help of  corrupt and capitalist governments!!!
But going back to the fees in England, what this measure really ? it means that only if you have rich parents or you work to the bone having more than a job (and no time for study) or even if you borrow money from a bank and spend years after graduation trying to pay what you own to the bank more the extras interests they require as time goes passing by... in other words Universities will be for the elite society!!!
And this law is so so stupid that the money the English government borrow to students through the Tuition fees Loan will increase the loan rates year by year! And it's so stupid that who was born or lived in England for more than 3 years and wants to go to Scotland (where it is free) or to Wales (where students pay 3000 pounds per year) will continue to pay the 9000 punds per year!!! This is so stupid I cannot even belive it's true! Well I live in Portugal and the higher fees students pay to study in a public university per year is 1000 euros, one tenth of what english students will pay! And there are often protests of students against the fees, they are continuously trying to eradicate fees!! If the politicians in Portugal try to do such a thing here I'm quite sure they couldn't do that because we wouldn't let them do that...a Revolution would happen I'm quite sure. Maybe it's what England needs! Of course we need cuts but where to start? Have you ever considered to get rid of the Royal Family?
Basically they are parasites of society and squander the people's money in order to live luxuriously (like Kings and Queens of course), they are the only people who don't pay taxes (well they are the taxes!), they don't work, don't have any importance in policies of state, the only thing they have to to is to avoid scandals (but English Royal family not even can do that!) they always have to act politely and say things that were thought and written before for somebody else probably, they have to hide their emotions and opinions, they are just figures of state that represent England and full the english tabloids! And they cost money! Lots of money! Shouldn't the government cut in some of their privileges? you could try to sell the private jet, the jewels (probably they have blood diamonds too), the Rolls Royce, the Louis Vuitton clothes they ony wear once...or could they have a job like everyone else and do something profit to their country!? After all what did they do to deserve living like that? nothing! They descend from other kings and queens okay that's nice for them, but why do the crown have to exploit the crowd?
For example, Denmark, they have the oldest Royal family in the world, one million years in the crown, and dannish people love to have a Royal family and the english too, but look in Denmark students in university don't pay anything! And England is said to be one of the most developed countries in Europe and what happens? they triple the fees!
Concluding, the english Royal family: Prince Charles and his adorable wife Camila Parker Bowles were completely shocked when students cracked window of their Rolls Royce and England is shocked too.
The only thing I have to say to that youth is: continue fighting for your rights, what England needs is a Revolution! Never stop fighting, never think it is useless to protest, never shut up, never give up!

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