terça-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2010

The Social Network

Today I went to the cinema and finnally saw the movie: "The Social Network", it's about the most popular social network in internet: Facebook. Well I really liked it, it corresponded to my expectations and I really identify myself with the protagonist (Mark Zuckerberg who invented facebook): he can make girls hating him or run away from him, I do the same with boys, I usually say things people don't like to hear although it's true...they say that the point it's not to say or not my opinion but the way I express myself, I won't change this about me because to me being frontal it's a quality, some people called Mark in the movie: cretin because he seems to be so empty about feelings, he'll do anything to reach what he wants and don't let anyone take the shit out of him, the trick for that is being suspicious about everyone who surrounds you...specially that persons who smile at you the most: today they smile, tomorrow they will betray you, their honesty is like a back that hides a knife, trust me. What I think is that people don't understand that the fact of someone hides his emotions (to protect himself to get hurt) it doesn't mean he hasn't emotions!
In this case is Mark that actually betray his only friend putting him out of the project, but he never really trust the others who just want take advantage from him. Other thing about Mark and me is the thirst of revenge, never stop until the other person feel as bad as they made us feel, the other thing that it's similar: we both hate hugs. Mostly differences: I really hate computers, I don't know how to program anything,  Mark really wants to get envolved in the social thing and get in the clubs of the popular ones, well I really don't care about that, I really don't like that thing of being popular I think it's just stupid I like to spend most part of my time alone without being bored, the other thing is that I really don't want to be rich.
Back to facebook, in six years it has 500 millions of users and it's always movin' up (if facebook was a country it would be the 3rd most populous of the world), Mark Zuckerberg is the the newest billionaire ever (25 years old) and  facebook worths 25 billion dollars!!! From day to night Mark went from hacker to revolutionary entrepreneur.
It's so ironic that who put 500 millions of people together at the same time couldn't relate normally with the people who surrounded him and the foundations that he created  were based on realtionships that he destroeyd.
To me this movie is about of a beautiful mind, a visionary who changed the world: socially, technologically...a genius of this Age who protected his ideia until the ultimate consequences but at the same time I think this is a a portrait of a tragedy: he lost some important friends to him in order to reach the fortune, the fame, the profit (even betray his only friend), in the end of the movie Mark seems to be sentenced to an empty life clicking on the refresh button of his laptop waiting for a human relationship that will never come (as some of us, who really have 300 freinds or even more? or even less?You may have added people in facebook but wherever you see them you and that person just pretend they don't know each other...although you got access to their privacy in the social page! It's typical nowadays we talk more to people through internet than face to face, for example I have friends that I don't see for months, they don't really seem to be interesting in hanging out with me because they refuse my invitations (of course I quit asking) but they keep saying how much they miss me... I really think it's such a loser thing you try (in vain of course) to have friends only through internet, and it's ridiculous you think you can maintain a friendship doing that! After all what you're doing is talking through a damn machine you're not being human, those relationships won't be human too and so they won't be genuine).

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