quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2011

Define Happiness

For some people  happiness is when you have somebody to love and feel loved (just like you needed to be accepted from someone to really value yourself!), when you have lots of friends and you are surrounded by people that love you.
Well to me happiness is just to have no one to mess up with my head, even if that means loneliness!



30 Seconds to Mars






In a week I'll end this stupid college exams, start my holidays and get a time off college for at least 2 months. And when I say college I mean everything that envolves college even my "college friends". 
So how will my vacations start? With this awesome summer festival: optimus alive! I'm a fan of 4 bands from the festival (MCR, 30 STM (it will 4th time I'll see them), Foo Fighters and Coldplay), and one of them is My Chemical Romance, my favourite band ever! I've been waiting for so long to get the chance to see them! It will be a dream come true and I'm so happy that at least some of my wishes are coming true :)
This summer festival is perfect for me! It's true in Lisbon I'm never bored! :D

social networks= FAIL

This is awkard and stupid but yeah I know, I had several internet discussions through a damn stupid computer with both people I don't know and with people I see almost everyday and just say "Hi!How's you goin'?", with people that were my friends and with people that still being some kind of a friend, with friends and with people I know but only see them once or I talk to through the social network but don't talk to when I actually see them...and why? Well I have committed some mistakes saying what I feel, what I think and for certain I should keep some stuff for myself, and sometimes they understood I was saying things in a way but was nothing like that because through writting we subjectively assume people are saying what we want them to say, and what can be a joke or a prank becomes offensive, what should be a share of perspectives becomes a personalitie's conflict...so that's why I made this blog, so I can express myself without boring no one if you don't like to read this stuff you only need to close the window but if you disagree with something I wouldn't mind you to comment it here.The other reason is that's because people just don't like me as I am and I really don't give a damn if they don't so I never do anything for them to like me... how can I say this? I rather only have a few people around or be totally alone than surrounded by a huge bunch of idiots! If I think someone is a jerk I have no problems saying that...people just don't appreciate my straightforwardness.
But it's not just because of that I wrote this post: day after day I think more and more about how stupid can be this artificial relationships through internet. Social networks are such a failure! You know how we're so close and so far from each others....how we can say something more tough or intimate through this tecnologies and we can't face it when we actually look into the eyes of the other person. It's so easy to friend and unfriend, to like and unlike...
Most part of people I have in my social network I never talked to face to face and I have some of them I don't trully know and not even had the courage to start a conversation. So I started deleting some of them, and I counted about less150 people (I had almost 350)! And I still having few coonections compared most part of people which have about an average of 400 friends, there are people  with 800 and I already saw one with more than 1000! What a woww! Why is that for, anyway? Do you like being famous in a twisted way?Whatever...
After all what's the point to add people you don't like? what's the point to let them know about your life? what's the whole point of people add you on their social network and don't talk to you when they see you?
I know... stunning stupid, next time someone I added pretends that didn't see me it's straight away to the rubbish bin!
People are just like piles of trash: you got to reduce, reuse and recycle them!

Greek Riot


american obesity and the economical crisis

My fellow americans why don't you do like the dolar whose exchange rate is decreasing day by day getting thinner and thinner? Follow the dolar biggest exchange rate loser program but apply it with food supplies...your problem is solved!
And just one more thing could you please stop opening a damn McDonalds, K-FC and other smelly stuff in everthing that is a highway or a shopping centre, please?
At least I'm not interesting to have your plastic food culture around and warn you that here it's not a profitable investment. Cheers!
not thicker and thicker...I meant thinner and thinner!

IMF and Economical Crisis

IMF it's not a help in my perspective ask for a loan to pay debts is getting another debt to pay just to pay debts... and make the poors pay for the incompetence/economical machiavelism from politicians and bankers isn't fair! Portugal is a particular case because we let us affect by the Euro policies that paid our farmers to not produce, so we ended up buying everything to external markets and with a huge debt in our balance of trade (of course our fault!), and other stuff like and incompetent state and government, corruption...but most of all this passive folk. 

There are several reasons of this crisis: the sub prime of course, the excessive exploration of non renewable resources, the huge ecological damage on Earth that of course had its effects on economies all over the world, but most of all I think that it's the speculation market, you know speculation doesn't create any wealth it only transfers wealth so if someone is getting richer is because someone is getting more poor. I can see with my own eyes, wealth and money didn't go away they're concentrated in a small amount of people.It's like: "help children in Africa from starving to death!", but every single day food companies exterminate extra food supplies in order to mantain their prices and profits...yes we could end the hungry problem...the only reason why that didn't happen yet is because these days people value more the money than life and people and the planet Earth...if this continues like this it won't be good for anyone. At least this is my sincere opinion. Cheers to all of you!

The truth about suicide


boys are so stupid


domingo, 26 de junho de 2011

E-coli in Germany

Well it looks like the health problem in germany with the E-coli bacterium it's not because of the spannish cucumbers like the german politicians said, the problem is in the german soybeans and it was found the german river where happened the pollutant discharge. It's so interesting germans have said instantly that the problem was in cucumbers and they were from Spain...look, maybe who took a bath in your river was a spannish so it can still be spannish fault!

quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2011

wishing to live a winter during a summer

It's so hot today, I feel just like melting! And this weekend they say it will be up to 40ºC! And I have lots of exams to do and tons of stuffs to study! I just hate these sunny days with blue sky, I know it's strange but it depresses me, all I wanted right now is to be like this picture shows:
Cause all I wanted to be
Is a million miles from here
Somewhere more familiar

you could be happy...

"Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." Friedrich Nietzsche
I could be incredibly happy if I just could be like everyone else, living in  their little world, with their simple problems, I could be happy if the unhappiness and misery of the others didn't afect me, if I just lived for me and for the small amount of people surrounding me, if I had the same little lifetime achievements of everyone, if I could see the injustice and whistle since that kind of stuff have nothing to do with me, I could be happy if I just believe in some religion and follow it totally blind without making further questions, I could be happy if I couldn't see the blood and pain the world is made of, I could be happy if I would be selfish like most part of the people, thinking that if it's not my problem I shouldn't care. YES! I could be incredibly happy if I did what you say me to do: appreciate things I have in my life because there are people that have nothing, I should be happy to have food because there is peoople starving to death, I should be happy with my house because there are homeless people outside...I should be happy because I'm luckier than them? I should be happier because they're worst than me, is that it?  Well the first reason of why I'm not happy is because there are people living worse than me, of course that little minds can't understand that, they live so blind in their little bubble! The major problem that I have with them is that I really want to make good changes and I believe it's possible if we all do so I'm so fed up they say no good change is possible! That's the first reason why I spend more time alone, I just can't take that people hanging out around with me!
Basically it seems people want to be happy costs what it costs without care about the others, the other living creatures in nature and planet Earth.
Actually they may think they don't are part of any problem but you all are another cog on this murder machine they call wonderfull life!
Imposing censorhip to your life so you don't see what isn't nice is a pursuit of happiness? I call it shelfishness and obsession...but life and death doesn' care, it doesn' matter if we're ready to die or not, death finishes with us all...and you were so foccused trying to achieve YOUR happiness that you didn't bring any good change to the world.
Just live until it's gone...yes, yes it's a wonderful world!

segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2011


Hi everyone, I have another mission for all of you today, I received this newsletter from Avaaz, let's save this dolphins!

"The pod was swimming peacefully in the Solomon Islands when nets closed in from behind -- trapping 
25 wild dolphins for a luxury resort's latest exhibit. They are now locked in tiny pens, starved of food -- but we can free them. 

For wild dolphins captivity is torture, their powerful sonar bounces off the walls back at them -- as if they are trapped in an endless house of mirrors. Most die young from stress induced illness, but some even commit suicide. If the wealthy Resorts World Sentosa succeeds in keeping them captive then half the dolphins will die in the first 2 years -- and it will legitimise the widely banned  practice of capturing dolphins in the wild. We can’t let that happen -- let's use our voices to set them free.

Resorts World was forced to abandon plans for a whale shark exhibit two years ago because of the huge outcry that threatened their reputation. Let’s build a massive call now to free these intelligent, beautiful creatures -- and make this a turning point in the fight to end the global wild-dolphin trade. Our petition will be delivered to Resorts World and the media. Sign now and share this with everyone! 


The appallingly cruel wild-dolphin industry has been banned in nations from the UK to Costa Rica. The terrifying capture process involves driving the dolphins to shallow water, where up to half drown or die of their injuries before they are even caught. If we force Resorts World to free these wild dolphins now it will send a powerful message to all other resorts, and help break the back of the capture industry. We can also give these dolphins a second chance in life -- renowned dolphin expert Ric O’Barry has offered to rehabilitate them back into the wild. 

Resorts World argues that their “interactive spa program” will help heal sick and disabled children – but there is no scientific evidence to support this technique, which sees desperate parents pay thousands in pursuit of an imaginary cure. They also claim their programs aid conservation – but dolphin capture drives are also hunting expeditions. The “display-worthy” dolphins are spared, while the others are butchered. By ordering wild-caught dolphins, Resorts World is driving up demand for these barbaric hunts. 

The trade of wild-captured dolphins must end. The world is moving slowly but surely in this direction, and our intervention could set a valuable precedent. Resorts World has buckled under pressure before, and it can’t afford another hit to its image. Let’s join our voices urgently to free the world’s saddest dolphins, and win a crucial battle in the fight to save all wild dolphins from short, miserable lives in captivity.

Wild dolphins are incredibly playful, social and caring, as well as extremely intelligent -- they are utterly captivating creatures. In the world we all wish for, dolphins are not hunted, trapped and broken -- they are treated with the respect that all life deserves. Today, as we work for their freedom, we are taking a small but important step towards making that world a reality."

Go Go Spain!

Well there are 2 things which about I think Spain is to be congratulated about: first of all, and the most important one, the youth resistance in persistent  manifestations in Madrid and Barcelona. What you're doing is inspiring and shows that we're not really the video-game generation with no opinion about anything, with no future perspectives and life achievements...in fact, that's what the previous generation wants to make of us as you see in the almost slave work conditions the system wants us to enforce under the guise of the crisis and the imminent bankruptcy, and if we are a bit smart we can wonder: "how can this be possible if the bankers and the managers od large and capitalists companies actually have more and more millions of profits?". How can we accept to be hired instead of  employed? How can we accept to have an income less than 500 euros when they have millions of profits? I think we can't accept this, do all you can do to not end like Greece and Portugal (in Portugal the youth just did a big manifestation but about 30% voters didn't vote and who voted voted in the IMF (international monetary fund) because we afraid of bankruptcy so we opted to debt us in order to pay our debts.... without demand a serious explanation about how politicians drive us to this miserable state).  Spain, please demand an explanation for the sudden unemployment, don't drive yourself blind as we did here!
If you want to kno my opinion, there is no crisis at all, there is a speculation process, and as we know speculation is an economical proccess to transfer wealth so as we can see there are more people enriching and more people becoming poor, of course the wealth is transferred for those who have less for who have more. And this is my trully opinion! We can't be blind anymore, act now to stop this!

The 2nd thing I think Spain is to be congratulated about is about a question that a spannish girl did to the prince of Spain, she asked when she could be a citzen instead of a" royal vassal", she asked when it could be a referendum so the spannish people could decide if they wanted to continue being a Monarchy or a Republic. Well   my spannish isn't that good but I understood that due to the spannish constitution, who decides to do referendums is the prince or the kinhg himself...of course royal family won't make that referendum!
In Portugal there is a small party that wants the monarchy back here, for God sake, another social parasite for us to feed!!!?? Centuries ago the last king in Portugal was murdered by republicans and they still doing genealogical trees??? Please! -.-
Well, I think that in modern societies everyone that works or worked before retirement and pays the taxes contributes for the development and well being of society (the street sweeper, the medicals, the professors, the tradesfolk...)but only who is corrupt and don't pay the taxes, and the gipsies and the royality doesn't! Are they worth it? The simple fact royality refuses to wear too many times exclusive clothes made by stylists of high couture is an insult for the taxpayers in my point of view. A comment in the video says that spannish monarchy spends about 720 millions of euros per year and that republics as in France and Italy spend about 90 e 241 millions of euros per year, respectively.
I'm not against the existence of royal families but they should be more spared! Next time they say they want to cut your miserable income, your free access to health and other austerity measures ask them first what they think about selling their private jet, their yacht, wear cheaper clothes and do a bit of what they say you have to do through the parliament folk: SPARE! Give the example!

Royal Charity

I have nothing against royal families even because in Portugal, fortunately, we have none, each country knows how they want to spend their taxes, to be represented and if they like having a royal family to represent them and gossip around their lives specially due to sensacionalists magazines and newspapers...well that's their problem!
The point of this post is just one: I was reading a gossip magazine my mum bought, just for curiosity, when I saw a "new" about the amazing Kate Middleton, who seems to be very kind and nice: she went to a charity dinner (wich is something cool to do!) with a dress of a stylist of course, and there's nothing new about that or strange or scandalous I know, but in the magazine it was written that the dress cost more than 4 000 EUROS!!!
I don't really know if that dress was bought by the royal family or not and I really don't even care that much, but if it wasn't offered by the stylist Jenny Packham here's my piece of advice for you Kate: next time you are invited for some event that says whatever charity, instead  of thinking hours and hours about what to dress, use the money which you would buy the millionaire dress to actually give it to charity and wear something less expensive ok? you know royality should only wear the official dresses once so this habit can become a bit expensive for the english taxpayers even because there is something going on all around that is called economical and financial crisis and besides, you don't need to cover yourself in gold we all know you are a princess.

And just to let you know the belove princess Kate Middleton wears fur! Which makes her a bloody minded celebretie, just another vain and frivolous cruel bitch with no compassion!
(As it was not enough the Royal guards wearing real bear's fur dumb hats!!!).

Nestle KitKat used to KILL

I decided to post here these video because it's what we all did a few time ago when we did an innocent break at work eating that chocolate. Actually that horror was committed by us. What did we do? We took action and stopped this bloody business writing to Nestlé how shocked we were. The result? we accomplished success. See?http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/news/features/Sweet-success-for-Kit-Kat-campaign/
 This kind of things makes me believe people are still human and kind, together we can contribute for an econimical fair world respecting nature and animals.
Now we'll do the same to stop Mattel, Disney and Hasbro to destroy the indonesian rainforests in order to wrap their toys cheaper!
Act now: http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/campaigns/forests/asia-pacific/barbie/
To all of you thank you very much to make me believe in human kind, I love all and believe in you!

segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2011


I consider myself a very individualistic person not about being selfish that it's something I'm really not but in the fact that I am a bit of anti-social, I need my own time, my own space. Actually I do lots of stuff alone, one things is because I can't find anyone who likes to do that stuff and have time to do it (like go to the cinema see the mvies I like when I want to go), even go to concerts alone, walk alone in the city, have lunch alone, jogging alone...the most crazy stuff I've ever done alone was spend my birthday alone because in fact all I wanted in that day was to be alone and have a quiet and peacefull day (and I had it).
 Other thing is that what I want for my life, what I desire every single day, is the day I can be economical independent specially from my parents and have my own money and my own house (specially with no neighbors near so I would never move into an apartment...again), needless to say I will live alone in my house which I'd like it to be in some quiet place far from these sunny days here...somewhere cold, where the sky is grey and cloudy and with lots of rainy days, a place that can be a bit like myself, honestly these sunny days here don't bring me any joy and I tend to be depressed in the summers (other thing nobody can understand  beyond for example I don't like people if they eat meat specially when they invite me to have lunch or dinner with them...yes, meat is murder, so if you're a murder I won't have dinner with you!).
I'm very different from anyone I've ever met and I don't know anyone who can be like me even for a bit. I'm feeling more lonely these days than usual but it's something that I've been choosing to be because whenever someone comes by they don't stop making questions about myself, just as an interrogation, just like if I was something to be studied and this is the first reason why I haven't talk to new persons, I don't feel like talking about myself even because, if I do, I know they won't agree with me or call me weird because I think differently so the other option I have is to lie and try to make a good fake impression which is something I don't feel like doing because I don't do things to others like me or to be accepted.
I have the other persons who I know and usually talk to them, but to be honest I'm very tired of them all, every little conversation we have I feel that everyone is trying just to know stuffs about my life and say that what I think it's not normal, and they don't think like me and then they ask continuosly: why these, why those...or even there are that persons that when come around seem to like to put their pressure on you and criticize you in a cynical way with a stupid smile on their faces, there are others who seem to be worried with you but then you come to realize they just want to gossip around about your life. But in my case there are lots of people surrounding me with no interest at all, I really cannot have a conversation with them, everything that is slightly above their ignorance and foolishness they just can't handle: "oh I'm tired of that subject!why you just talk about boring stuff?", so let's talk about their empty subjects. Let me tell you all this: "I'm tired of all you and I want to be alone!"
Lately I can't find anyone who can be up to discuss ideas without attacking  myself or trying to convince me to adopt their point of view...and I can't find anyone to really talk to, can't find anyone interesting.
And when I make an effort to socialize and invite people to go out they are never up to go to the places I want to go and when I can go...
And when it's about to do a little walk in nice places, observing nature and what is left of beauty here why do have people to blow everything talking about their stupid problems and inventing problems for them and for the others? This is why I walk this empty street in a boulevard of broken dreams.
To be as honest as possible I'm certain I never met anyone interesting in this world (and I've met many) although I know they exist and existed, I admire lots of presonalities butI just can't find them in my real life. It seems like nobody has an opinion about nothing, nobody wants to make a good change in the world, nobody cares about nothing more than their little dull world... and that's the first reason why I rather be alone. I don't appreciate spending the time of my life with dull and boring people absorving my precious time and the little positive energy I have to go on believing in a better world is actually possible.
To you all that make me sick:LEAVE ME ALONE!

"My solitude doesn't depend on the presence or absence of other people; on the contrary, I hate who steals my solitude without offering me true company". Nietzche

quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2011


BARBIE IS BARBARICBarbie's rainforest destruction habit REVEALED!

Barbie is a nature serial killer bitch!

 She has a plastic and fake smile and no brains in her head...
I received this newsletter from Green Peace and I was shocked, please help Greenpeace stopping this ecological massacre!

Rainforest scandal REVEALED!
Sumatran Tiger
The habitat of the endangered Sumatran tiger is under threat from deforestation for pulp and paper. Image: Alamy
A rainforest scandal has just broken up one of the world's most iconic couples, as it has been revealed that Barbie, the world's most famous doll, has been wrapping herself in destroyed rainforest. This revelation has led Barbie's longtime beau Ken to announce publicly that he "doesn't date girls who are into deforestation."
Barbie's scandalous deforestation habit is fed by her manufacturer Mattel, who uses paper products made by notorious forest destroyer Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). APP continues to rely on clearance of carbon-rich rainforests and peatlands in Indonesia despite the dire consequences for the climate, endangered animals like the Sumatran tiger, and local communities.
Priceless rainforest and animal habitat are being lost - all so that Barbie can wrap herself in cheap, throw-away packaging! Mattel needs to put an end to Barbie's destructive deforestation habit and immediately stop using APP products.
Join Ken in denouncing rainforest destroyers - send a message to Mattel today. You can join Ken right now on Facebook (Not on Facebook? Make sure Mattel knows how you feel about rainforest destroyers here.)

Last year with your help Nestlé was convinced to remove rainforest destruction from its supply chain. Now we are counting on your support and your voice again as we continue to demand the change needed to protect Indonesia’s rainforests.

Thank you for continuing to act alongside us - we'll be in touch as this particular rainforest scandal continues ...

Please don't take part of the destruction of our wonderfull planet and biodiversity for the profits of Mattel and it's stupid and dumb plastic doll, don't make your little childrens eco-killers too.

Together we can change! :D

segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2011

who controlls IMF?

An ex-economic hit man actually says that IMF (International Monetary Fund) is controlled by a bunch of mobsters...any surprises?

Elections 2011 in Portugal

Yesterday it was the elections for the new government in Portugal which had a large percentage of abstention, about 41%.
So here it's who the portuguese have elected:

                                         The MFI (Monetary International Fund)

People had the opportunity to choose and a large percentage of them decided not to choose and let the others chose for them, inevitably they will suffer the consequences of the other's choice.
Basically people voted against their own rights, because in the MFI agreement (that the three parties: PSD who won, PS and CDS signed). We had to ask for external "help" because we are in big trouble with a lot of debts and a cause of these debts was the corruption, illicit enrichment, tax evasion, detour of public money and the European Union policies that we agreed such as the european subsidies that our farmers accepted to not produce anything, the Euro coin, the Euro open market and so on.
But what is shocking about that agreement with the MFI is that there is no measures against corruption...
And while the profits of the bankers and the big economic groups are increasing and politians accumulate  pensions (about 10 000 euros and so on)  and the European Economic Comission spend the millions of the taxpayers in luxury hotels, jet planes trips, parties, jewellery and so on  (go see the study of Bureau of Investigate Journalism that even says that in 2009 they spent about 1,89 millions) they say that the solution to get away from this crisis is to fire people and ironically cut the unemployment subsidy, cut the compensation payements, be more flexible firing people even without a formal reason, cut the workers' incomes, raise the taxes of almost everything (besides 6% for playing golf of course)...and then what do the portuguese do? they don't vote or vote on IMF!
So today I can say that I'm trully ashamed about being portuguese and I really don't see myself in this nation, actually I never felt.
People here talk talk and whine about being unemployed, having a low income but when it's time to act they don't do anything.
I don't know are these people dumb or what?
I suggest you to see the documentary: "Let's make money" in which an ex-economic hit man confesses that the MFI is controlled by a global group of mobsters.
Actually two parties didn't signed the agreement and were against the MIF: CDU and BE. So what I think is that people voted against their rights and who didn't vote too.
Neverthless I didn't vote in CDU or BE, actually I voted in PAN- Party in defense of the Animals and Nature, because I was afraid that people didn't actually care about their rights (and so it was) and so I wanted the animals to have a voice in the parliament, unfortunatelly this wasn't possible for now. I think animals aren't an object and shouldn't serve our interests, the kennels and the catteries should have decent conditions for the animals, instead of spending money in top gear cars for politians and managers of state we should apply that money in a public institution where people could let their animals when they go out on vacation and then they'll get them instead of abandon them, the vegetarian and vegan food should be cheaper and the healthy food aswell, there should be more green areas in the cities...but people don't care about these stuff, actually do they care about something?
Anyway as long as I'm alive I'll do the best I can do for a better world for every living creature to live on, if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem and I want to be part of the solution.

"The development of society can be seen by the way they treat their animals" Ghandi

sábado, 4 de junho de 2011

The german answer to the greek's crisis: "sell your islands!"

Well I've got to share this article from the english newspaper 'The Telegraph', read it: europe/greece
Well this new basically says that members of the German Parliament suggested Greece to sell their islands in order to help paying their debt.
Well this only shows the arrogance and the disregard of those who think they are the owners of Europe: the germans.
What a ridiculous and shameless idea!!! How could they suggest a country to sell itself literally?
In Portugal they might want us to sell Madeira and Azores, our two wonderfull archipelagos!!! A very nice question is too if they are interested in buying it, and they must! after all, their summer vacations in Germany must be pretty lame and this way they could have an exclusive summer camp! But if it's not Germany buying the islands it would be probably some eccentric rich tycoon or a celebrity...
But not happy with selling islands germans even suggested Greece to sell their Acropolis!!! (read in:daily mail).
So it's just about time to forget this disunited Europe, the imposed supremacy of Germany and of all the states that exploit others and that even joke with them!!!
Germany without the Euro coin never could get to this level of economic development, without Euro they probabily would be on skids but I am 100% sure that at least Portugal would be better if we never have accepted the Euro coin. Of course that in real countries such as Denmark and Sweden there was a referendum and people decided what they wanted for their country, of course that scandinavian people are smart and said no.
For us the Euro coin was imposed and we shut the hell up for all this years without saying a word...
The biggest problem is that the Euro standardized the prices of everything : prices in Portugal are almost the same (or even more expensive) than in Italy, France, Germany...but not the incomes, in fact while in Portugal the minimum wage is less than a meager 500 euros in Germany it's at least between 1000 and 1500 euros (and I know in Germany there is no minimum wage even because what they receive it's not properly minimum..).
Basically, besides of the never ending desire of controlling Europe and dominate Europe and its folks, germans want their own summer colonies in Mediterranean.
Northern bitches want beaches! This is way too much!