segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2011

Elections 2011 in Portugal

Yesterday it was the elections for the new government in Portugal which had a large percentage of abstention, about 41%.
So here it's who the portuguese have elected:

                                         The MFI (Monetary International Fund)

People had the opportunity to choose and a large percentage of them decided not to choose and let the others chose for them, inevitably they will suffer the consequences of the other's choice.
Basically people voted against their own rights, because in the MFI agreement (that the three parties: PSD who won, PS and CDS signed). We had to ask for external "help" because we are in big trouble with a lot of debts and a cause of these debts was the corruption, illicit enrichment, tax evasion, detour of public money and the European Union policies that we agreed such as the european subsidies that our farmers accepted to not produce anything, the Euro coin, the Euro open market and so on.
But what is shocking about that agreement with the MFI is that there is no measures against corruption...
And while the profits of the bankers and the big economic groups are increasing and politians accumulate  pensions (about 10 000 euros and so on)  and the European Economic Comission spend the millions of the taxpayers in luxury hotels, jet planes trips, parties, jewellery and so on  (go see the study of Bureau of Investigate Journalism that even says that in 2009 they spent about 1,89 millions) they say that the solution to get away from this crisis is to fire people and ironically cut the unemployment subsidy, cut the compensation payements, be more flexible firing people even without a formal reason, cut the workers' incomes, raise the taxes of almost everything (besides 6% for playing golf of course)...and then what do the portuguese do? they don't vote or vote on IMF!
So today I can say that I'm trully ashamed about being portuguese and I really don't see myself in this nation, actually I never felt.
People here talk talk and whine about being unemployed, having a low income but when it's time to act they don't do anything.
I don't know are these people dumb or what?
I suggest you to see the documentary: "Let's make money" in which an ex-economic hit man confesses that the MFI is controlled by a global group of mobsters.
Actually two parties didn't signed the agreement and were against the MIF: CDU and BE. So what I think is that people voted against their rights and who didn't vote too.
Neverthless I didn't vote in CDU or BE, actually I voted in PAN- Party in defense of the Animals and Nature, because I was afraid that people didn't actually care about their rights (and so it was) and so I wanted the animals to have a voice in the parliament, unfortunatelly this wasn't possible for now. I think animals aren't an object and shouldn't serve our interests, the kennels and the catteries should have decent conditions for the animals, instead of spending money in top gear cars for politians and managers of state we should apply that money in a public institution where people could let their animals when they go out on vacation and then they'll get them instead of abandon them, the vegetarian and vegan food should be cheaper and the healthy food aswell, there should be more green areas in the cities...but people don't care about these stuff, actually do they care about something?
Anyway as long as I'm alive I'll do the best I can do for a better world for every living creature to live on, if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem and I want to be part of the solution.

"The development of society can be seen by the way they treat their animals" Ghandi

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