sábado, 4 de junho de 2011

The german answer to the greek's crisis: "sell your islands!"

Well I've got to share this article from the english newspaper 'The Telegraph', read it: europe/greece
Well this new basically says that members of the German Parliament suggested Greece to sell their islands in order to help paying their debt.
Well this only shows the arrogance and the disregard of those who think they are the owners of Europe: the germans.
What a ridiculous and shameless idea!!! How could they suggest a country to sell itself literally?
In Portugal they might want us to sell Madeira and Azores, our two wonderfull archipelagos!!! A very nice question is too if they are interested in buying it, and they must! after all, their summer vacations in Germany must be pretty lame and this way they could have an exclusive summer camp! But if it's not Germany buying the islands it would be probably some eccentric rich tycoon or a celebrity...
But not happy with selling islands germans even suggested Greece to sell their Acropolis!!! (read in:daily mail).
So it's just about time to forget this disunited Europe, the imposed supremacy of Germany and of all the states that exploit others and that even joke with them!!!
Germany without the Euro coin never could get to this level of economic development, without Euro they probabily would be on skids but I am 100% sure that at least Portugal would be better if we never have accepted the Euro coin. Of course that in real countries such as Denmark and Sweden there was a referendum and people decided what they wanted for their country, of course that scandinavian people are smart and said no.
For us the Euro coin was imposed and we shut the hell up for all this years without saying a word...
The biggest problem is that the Euro standardized the prices of everything : prices in Portugal are almost the same (or even more expensive) than in Italy, France, Germany...but not the incomes, in fact while in Portugal the minimum wage is less than a meager 500 euros in Germany it's at least between 1000 and 1500 euros (and I know in Germany there is no minimum wage even because what they receive it's not properly minimum..).
Basically, besides of the never ending desire of controlling Europe and dominate Europe and its folks, germans want their own summer colonies in Mediterranean.
Northern bitches want beaches! This is way too much!

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