segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2011

Go Go Spain!

Well there are 2 things which about I think Spain is to be congratulated about: first of all, and the most important one, the youth resistance in persistent  manifestations in Madrid and Barcelona. What you're doing is inspiring and shows that we're not really the video-game generation with no opinion about anything, with no future perspectives and life fact, that's what the previous generation wants to make of us as you see in the almost slave work conditions the system wants us to enforce under the guise of the crisis and the imminent bankruptcy, and if we are a bit smart we can wonder: "how can this be possible if the bankers and the managers od large and capitalists companies actually have more and more millions of profits?". How can we accept to be hired instead of  employed? How can we accept to have an income less than 500 euros when they have millions of profits? I think we can't accept this, do all you can do to not end like Greece and Portugal (in Portugal the youth just did a big manifestation but about 30% voters didn't vote and who voted voted in the IMF (international monetary fund) because we afraid of bankruptcy so we opted to debt us in order to pay our debts.... without demand a serious explanation about how politicians drive us to this miserable state).  Spain, please demand an explanation for the sudden unemployment, don't drive yourself blind as we did here!
If you want to kno my opinion, there is no crisis at all, there is a speculation process, and as we know speculation is an economical proccess to transfer wealth so as we can see there are more people enriching and more people becoming poor, of course the wealth is transferred for those who have less for who have more. And this is my trully opinion! We can't be blind anymore, act now to stop this!

The 2nd thing I think Spain is to be congratulated about is about a question that a spannish girl did to the prince of Spain, she asked when she could be a citzen instead of a" royal vassal", she asked when it could be a referendum so the spannish people could decide if they wanted to continue being a Monarchy or a Republic. Well   my spannish isn't that good but I understood that due to the spannish constitution, who decides to do referendums is the prince or the kinhg himself...of course royal family won't make that referendum!
In Portugal there is a small party that wants the monarchy back here, for God sake, another social parasite for us to feed!!!?? Centuries ago the last king in Portugal was murdered by republicans and they still doing genealogical trees??? Please! -.-
Well, I think that in modern societies everyone that works or worked before retirement and pays the taxes contributes for the development and well being of society (the street sweeper, the medicals, the professors, the tradesfolk...)but only who is corrupt and don't pay the taxes, and the gipsies and the royality doesn't! Are they worth it? The simple fact royality refuses to wear too many times exclusive clothes made by stylists of high couture is an insult for the taxpayers in my point of view. A comment in the video says that spannish monarchy spends about 720 millions of euros per year and that republics as in France and Italy spend about 90 e 241 millions of euros per year, respectively.
I'm not against the existence of royal families but they should be more spared! Next time they say they want to cut your miserable income, your free access to health and other austerity measures ask them first what they think about selling their private jet, their yacht, wear cheaper clothes and do a bit of what they say you have to do through the parliament folk: SPARE! Give the example!

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