quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2011

IMF and Economical Crisis

IMF it's not a help in my perspective ask for a loan to pay debts is getting another debt to pay just to pay debts... and make the poors pay for the incompetence/economical machiavelism from politicians and bankers isn't fair! Portugal is a particular case because we let us affect by the Euro policies that paid our farmers to not produce, so we ended up buying everything to external markets and with a huge debt in our balance of trade (of course our fault!), and other stuff like and incompetent state and government, corruption...but most of all this passive folk. 

There are several reasons of this crisis: the sub prime of course, the excessive exploration of non renewable resources, the huge ecological damage on Earth that of course had its effects on economies all over the world, but most of all I think that it's the speculation market, you know speculation doesn't create any wealth it only transfers wealth so if someone is getting richer is because someone is getting more poor. I can see with my own eyes, wealth and money didn't go away they're concentrated in a small amount of people.It's like: "help children in Africa from starving to death!", but every single day food companies exterminate extra food supplies in order to mantain their prices and profits...yes we could end the hungry problem...the only reason why that didn't happen yet is because these days people value more the money than life and people and the planet Earth...if this continues like this it won't be good for anyone. At least this is my sincere opinion. Cheers to all of you!

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