quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2011

social networks= FAIL

This is awkard and stupid but yeah I know, I had several internet discussions through a damn stupid computer with both people I don't know and with people I see almost everyday and just say "Hi!How's you goin'?", with people that were my friends and with people that still being some kind of a friend, with friends and with people I know but only see them once or I talk to through the social network but don't talk to when I actually see them...and why? Well I have committed some mistakes saying what I feel, what I think and for certain I should keep some stuff for myself, and sometimes they understood I was saying things in a way but was nothing like that because through writting we subjectively assume people are saying what we want them to say, and what can be a joke or a prank becomes offensive, what should be a share of perspectives becomes a personalitie's conflict...so that's why I made this blog, so I can express myself without boring no one if you don't like to read this stuff you only need to close the window but if you disagree with something I wouldn't mind you to comment it here.The other reason is that's because people just don't like me as I am and I really don't give a damn if they don't so I never do anything for them to like me... how can I say this? I rather only have a few people around or be totally alone than surrounded by a huge bunch of idiots! If I think someone is a jerk I have no problems saying that...people just don't appreciate my straightforwardness.
But it's not just because of that I wrote this post: day after day I think more and more about how stupid can be this artificial relationships through internet. Social networks are such a failure! You know how we're so close and so far from each others....how we can say something more tough or intimate through this tecnologies and we can't face it when we actually look into the eyes of the other person. It's so easy to friend and unfriend, to like and unlike...
Most part of people I have in my social network I never talked to face to face and I have some of them I don't trully know and not even had the courage to start a conversation. So I started deleting some of them, and I counted about less150 people (I had almost 350)! And I still having few coonections compared most part of people which have about an average of 400 friends, there are people  with 800 and I already saw one with more than 1000! What a woww! Why is that for, anyway? Do you like being famous in a twisted way?Whatever...
After all what's the point to add people you don't like? what's the point to let them know about your life? what's the whole point of people add you on their social network and don't talk to you when they see you?
I know... stunning stupid, next time someone I added pretends that didn't see me it's straight away to the rubbish bin!
People are just like piles of trash: you got to reduce, reuse and recycle them!

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