quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2011

you could be happy...

"Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." Friedrich Nietzsche
I could be incredibly happy if I just could be like everyone else, living in  their little world, with their simple problems, I could be happy if the unhappiness and misery of the others didn't afect me, if I just lived for me and for the small amount of people surrounding me, if I had the same little lifetime achievements of everyone, if I could see the injustice and whistle since that kind of stuff have nothing to do with me, I could be happy if I just believe in some religion and follow it totally blind without making further questions, I could be happy if I couldn't see the blood and pain the world is made of, I could be happy if I would be selfish like most part of the people, thinking that if it's not my problem I shouldn't care. YES! I could be incredibly happy if I did what you say me to do: appreciate things I have in my life because there are people that have nothing, I should be happy to have food because there is peoople starving to death, I should be happy with my house because there are homeless people outside...I should be happy because I'm luckier than them? I should be happier because they're worst than me, is that it?  Well the first reason of why I'm not happy is because there are people living worse than me, of course that little minds can't understand that, they live so blind in their little bubble! The major problem that I have with them is that I really want to make good changes and I believe it's possible if we all do so I'm so fed up they say no good change is possible! That's the first reason why I spend more time alone, I just can't take that people hanging out around with me!
Basically it seems people want to be happy costs what it costs without care about the others, the other living creatures in nature and planet Earth.
Actually they may think they don't are part of any problem but you all are another cog on this murder machine they call wonderfull life!
Imposing censorhip to your life so you don't see what isn't nice is a pursuit of happiness? I call it shelfishness and obsession...but life and death doesn' care, it doesn' matter if we're ready to die or not, death finishes with us all...and you were so foccused trying to achieve YOUR happiness that you didn't bring any good change to the world.
Just live until it's gone...yes, yes it's a wonderful world!

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