domingo, 27 de novembro de 2011

Fitch downgrades Portugal to junk status

Yipee we're junk again!
Well I'm just writing this about Fitch rating agency because Moodys have done the same to Portugal too a few months ago and I wrote a post about that too:
So next time other reputable agency like Standard & Poors does the same I will not write anything anymore, I'm kind of tired of all that thing of rating agencies.
So we are financial waste, we are junk, our economy sucks, do not invest in Portugal...I mean do not invest in our sovereign debt...yeh if you're an investor don't apply that money in our debts, that's my oponion buy sovereign debts is stupid anyway, this is only a speculative mechanism...the financial world transformed itself in a casino game...with lots of gains for the winners players and lots of losses for unlucky gamblers ...the problem is that what was bet by the gamblers were our future, our homes, our jobs, our saving in the banks and now USA which rating agencies are attacking Europe all the time have dumped entire families from their houses for not paying loans to the bank, and then the same banks can't afford the taxes so they sell houses for 1 buck and people who had a job now live on tunnels and the USA
Oh please TV talks all the time about crisis, recession rating agencies, and sovereign debt crisis, and the "help" of International Monetary Fund, the financial markets who we should obey...but does anyone care about telling people who are the markets? why are they so important? how we get to this low point? does anyone explained people what is the IMF? does anyone explained why what rating agencies say is such a big deal? NOOOO instead TV shows us this situation as inevitable...and that's pretty much just it.
Besides all that Fitch praises us for our efforts cutting on our State Budget...and they put us in junk level? it's a contradiction...
My opinion is that Rating Agencies and the Financial Markets with no face, stock exchanges are nothing but the symbols of the new financial capitalism.
Rating Agencies have the power to decide everything (the fall of states like Greece for example) and the Markets (we hear them talking about financial markets as divine's crazy) are the new global dictators...they have no face and are protected by our governments that we thought should represent us and not be against us.
As the result? someone is doing a big big businness out of this, and has no name or face...we call them the 1%. One thing is sure the money didn't get away, it just changed hands, now the banks are out of our savings and we have to put the robbed money stolen by some sort of divine financial entitie back on banks. And we just swallow up the lie?
I just can't believe in an economy that is not even explained how it works to its citizens...and I'm sure they don't want us to know how it works...we would be stunned.
So keep rating pals we don't care about your rates!

sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2011

Homeless kids in USA and UK

Then I found a video that said that Britain have the highest population in Europe and 15% of them are homeless children (see here:!). I must confess that I hardly can believe there are homeless kids in Britain, all I know is what I read in Courrier International Magazine that said that the number of homeless people and people living in improvised sheds is really increasing in London.
But I searched and foud this article about homeless kids in the sun newspaper:
The principal causes for homeless children are: arson, domestic violence, immigration and bankruptcy of families due to the economica recession.

I found this page on the internet that says that there are about 16 000 homeless children in LA alone!

I wrote a post about homeless kids in Colombia thinking it was an isolated case: because I always thought this sort of things only happened in underdeveloped countries but now I realize it happens too in Europe and in USA, in developed countries too which means that we're building a less and less fair and equal society where rich people get richer and poor people are getting poor.
We can see the big Nation of USA, being the 1st economy in the world, spending millions on wars and turning back their citizens needs.
In UK we see a monarchy idolized and loved but that don't have a single word to say about this inhumane situations people live, at the same time people have to pay monarchy taxes for they live in opolunce hidden from the truth in their palaces thinking of what millionaire dress they will wear next charity dinner...
The world is ver very hypocrite!

ukrainian teenagers torture and kill dogs just for fun

Today I got a newsletter from Care2 petition site I got shocked again!
So I've warn here in my blogue that Ukraine is killing stray dogs (specially burning them alive in mobile ovens and shooting them) in a cleaning process to receive the Euro football event in 2012. Read here:
But also I wrote later that Ukraine says that will stop dog culling and will give animals a shelter to live instead of killing them and the Care2 petitionsite will make sure the best conditions will be given to animals. Read here:
The message Humane society here:
But still the petition from Care2 petition is still going on here:
 Anyway, Care2 found out that a wicked ukrainian teenager, 19 years old, published photos and videos of him torturing and killing dogs and he also is said to have killed about 100 dogs. The videos and pictures (I did not watch because I closed the window when I saw bloody animals in pictures...and I will not see that because I am very sad and I can't see anymore inhumanity)
 With his fellows he discusses new ways of torture against animals. He is filmed throwing puppies in the railway and watching trains run over their little bodies, he is also seen cutting their tails and paws, ripping open their stomachs and pulling out their eyes.
 He and his fellows are clearly sick person conscious about what they did, that feel pleasure killing and until now they didn't show any signs of regret for what they did because they laugh about that and show themselves proud of killing. Also ukrainian authorothies showed indifference for this case (let's not forget this was a "cleansing" measure decided by the municipalities) and because of that this teenager and his pals  had no punishment yet.
If this guy feels pleasure torturing and killing helpless little creatures he and his friends can eventually turn to children! It's a well-estabilished fact that animal torture is an early sign of criminal behavior.
Sign this petition here please:

Is this the American Dream? sewer cities underneath USA

So last post was about children and adults too living in Bogota sewers in Colombia, a 3rd world country but I found that in the big USA, the biggest economy in the world, there are too people iving in sewers, and in tunnels right next railways in small holes they call home and live forgotten from the society. In fact USA has its own subterranean sewer cities!
Most part of that people were victims of the recession who satyed with no home after the subprime crisis, some of them too are nature disaster victims (like a girl that lost everything due to Hurricaine Katrina) and some of them are very high skilled persons that got an education...but with the recession got no job, and home.
Relatives of mine went to USA in tourism and visited New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
About Vegas they were astonishing and told me: "I never knew that in the world could exist so much wealth ".
But here's the other side of all that casinos full with glamour and filthy rich persons:
Same in New York:

Matthew O'Brien author and journalist even wrote a book about homeless people living in tunnels and sewers of Los Angels, it's called: Beneath the Neon (
This is really sad and makes me realize that the world is full of injustices everywhere.
About the american dream it became a nightmare. America government should stop using citizen's money to invade and detonate other countries making war everywhere...because after all now USA is dealing with the same outrageous situations people from teh so called 3rd world countries deal with.
 We all have the right to live with dignity, the right to have a home in conditions, the right to be treated as human and not sewer rats being ignored for the society that didn't care about those people anymore when they get poor.
Power to the people let's change this injustice!

Then I found a video that said that Britain have the highest population in Europe and 15% of them are homeless children (see here:!). I must confess that I hardly can believe there are homeless kids in Britain, all I know is what I read in Courier International Magazine that said that the number of homeless people and people living in improvised sheds is really increasing in London.

Colombian militias "clean" streets killing homelessness

I received this message from the Care2 petitiosite I got shocked, this is by far the most horrifying thing I could ever imagine that is happening in the world:
"Death squads and social cleansing have been a large part of Colombia’s past. Unfortunately, they are still a part of Colombia’s present: the government is using police groups and parts of the military to exterminate people that are considered to be socially unwanted, such as the homeless.According to a documentary done by VBS.TV, the homeless are forced to hide in sewers to escape the death squads. These sewers, however, do not provide much protection as militia groups have been known to ignite the sewers with gasoline, trapping and killing those below. Many of these homeless people are children and adolescents who have been living on the streets for years. With no support and no other options, these people’s lives are at risk every single day.
Tell the President of Colombia, the Minister of Defense and the National Police Director that the social cleansing occurring in Colombia is unacceptable and must stop!"
So after sign the petition I searched for the documentary of VBS tv about children living in sewers in Bogotá, Colombia and I found it:
Or watch it on Youtube:
The sewers were filled with packs of kids living waist-deep in shit and taking in copious amounts of glue and crack in order to cope the street kids had gone down into the sewers in the first place was to get away from the violence. But then the paramilitary death squads who had chased them off the street started to come into the pipes and shoot them or douse them in gasoline or rape them. Ten-year-old girls were giving birth and trying to raise babies in the middle of sewage (the early onset of puberty having been brought on by the constant molestation by adults and older kids).
I thought this was an isolated case in colombia, but searching in the internet I found out that children live in streets and sewers everywhere, even in Rome homelless kids who came illegaly hidden in trucks to Europe, speciall afghan kids:
But there's also lot's of sewer kids in Ukraine(the kid from the picture above lives in Ukraine), Angola (Luanda specially) and God knows where else they can live.
I've read annd seen in TV  that also in Brasil militias do this kind of "cleansing" shooting street children.
I'm shoked! How awful is this world!

quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2011

Movement Occupy comics

I found this comic images about the Movement occupy worldwide, they're just super! 

Bin Laden and Kadafii have already occupied Hell
Have you already decided about your costume next Halloween? Try a Wall Street Banker mask it's super scary

American congress want to censore the world wide web

Communication from Avaaz:

"Right now, the USA congress is debating a new law that can confer the USA country the power to censore the world wide web- creating a black list that might have as targets Youtube, Wikileaks or Avaaz!
Under this law, USA can force the internet providers to block any website suspicious to violate the laws of copyright and intelectual property or that fail policing suficiently the activity of its users. And due to the fact most web hosting services are located in USA, that black list could suppress teh free web to all of us.
The votting can happen any day, but together we can stop this- some members of the congress want to preserve  the freedom of speech and informed us that an international uproar could help their influence inside the congress. Let's urgently raise our voices from all places in the world and create a global petition like it was never seen before appealing that the decision makers reject that law project and detain the censore in the Internet. Click below to sign, and then forward to as many people as possible - our message will be delivered directly to the USA congress members before the crucial voting:

For years, the USA government condemned countries as China or Iran for the repression of the use of internet. But the impact of the new laws of censore in North America could be much more worse, blocking sites for all internet users around the globe.

Last year, a similar law project of internet censore was stopped before get in the USA senate, but now this project is back in a new different way.
The copyright laws already exist and are apllied by the courts. But this law goes much far beyond that, it warrants to the government and large corporations enormous powers to force internet service providers and search tools to block websites only based on alleged violations without a trial or a proof that the crime happened!
The proponents of free speech in USA already activated the alarm and some senators are trying to gather sufficient support to stop this dangerous law project.
We have no time to lose, let's support them and assure that the american legislators preserve the right to a free and open  internet as an essential way for people all around the world excahnge ideas, communicate and work collectively to build the world we want.
During the last months, from the Arab spring to the movement Occupy all over the world, we've seen in first hand how internet can stimulate, hold together and change the world. Now, if we stick together, we can stop this new attack against freedom in internet. We've already accomplished that yet- in Brazil and in Italy, the Avaaz members won big victories in the struggle for internet. Let's do this a global demand and moblize to defeat the most powerful threat of censorship that the Internet has ever seen".

I hardly can believe that US government is thinking of impose a global censorship to the freedom of free speech through the internet!That's outrageous!
This law project coming true would mean the biggest attack to the freedom of free speech of the all human History! I hardly can believe that such an idea can be voted! I'm in shock!
But this only shows the fear that corrupted and liars governments and the global system itself is apprehensive of the people that use the internet in their demand to search the truth, inform the others and get informed, debate ideias through internet, denounce injustices, raise awareness, wake consciences an mobilize people to the a global change...that might not be suitable for the interests of the most powerfull ones.
Internet is the most democratic media eve, censore opinions and texts done by journalists or ordinary people in pages of internet like blogues is the biggest attack to the freedom of our speech speech and the right for search a different truth that are not imposed on us by bought and censored media. And many governments already bought and censored some media in magazines/TV/ newspapers shaping the citizen's minds for what suits them better...but internet still being a free territory by now (at least if you don't live in China or Iran) and that's how it must continue to be like!
If there is anything that must be censored in the internet are the gigabytes of porn (specially american porn from California) floating on internet. But porn is the 2nd biggest industry in USA, it's a dirt industry that is worth billions so it's owkay isn't it? By the way the biggest, the nr 1, industry of USA is the armament...with the amount of war missions worldwide we would never have guess...
The sites of terrorism appealing to violence and wickedness should be banned too.
Another option is other countries specially in Europe decentralize from the USA net providers and build a free network from them.
Talking about myself as a blogger I received thousands of visits from all over the world (from all Europe and other different countries worldwide like USA, canada, Argentina, Mexico, New Zeland, Australia, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique,Russia, Japan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egipt, Lybia and even Iraq) but i noticed I've never have a visitor from China because google is blocked there and internet is censored, chinese people only can access to internet pages that were chosed and controlled. In China some bloggers have their content deleted, they're chased, arrested, tortured and even condemned to death penalty just for facing the government.
With this new censorship law approved I'm sure my blogue should be one of the large amounts of blogues to de deleted ore even banned once my vision about the global system is not suitable for the vision politicians wants to enforce us with and resigned myself to give them a supreme authority.
USA approving this new law would cause a global censorship and prevent institutions like Wikileaks, Avaaz, International Amnisty, Greenpeace, WWF and much much more other institutions to show us the harsh reality behind the selective filter of other media.

segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2011

22 birthday!

yey that's it I'm 22 now! How cool!
And how was my b'day? well it was a kind of another bad day actually, but I'm not hurt, sad or resentful because I chose to celebrate it alone...again.
Well this is my 2nd birthday that I spent all on my own, last year I did the same (
I say that I chose spending my day like this because I had my parents, sister, uncle and grandmother and grandfather to celebrate it with but I decided I was better off my own, alone, thinking and dealing alone with my existential problems.
I don't really know exactly why I decided to be all alone again, I don't know really, sometimes I think I'm letting this whole thing about being a misanthropist way too far, I don't know if that's because I like the feeling of power of being alone in such an important day so I can tell myself: "see, you don't need anyone...the other's just mess up with your head and make you feel worse about yourself, if they don't do that their just being cynicals" or if I like to show the other's they don't matter to me and I don't need them or if it's because I like to feel as an even more unhappy person than I'm already or even if I like to make the other people that say they like me (as family) to suffer showing them that I just don't care about them and they're not important to me (even that not being true) or if I'm just addicted and resigned to my loneliness.
I'm the first person saying that I can't understand my messy personality. Nevertheless I feel atacked and mistretaed by everyone all the time and if they're not being mean to me that's because they're fake and soon they'll show it, or they're just being nice because they don't really know me, once they get the chance to know me they won't like myself as I am, anyway I don't pretend being someone else because I rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.
I know, I know sometimes I could slow down a bit and not be so straightforward, ironic, sarcastic, a bit agresive in a way I say things, but my worst flaw and my strongest defense is being trustless. I don't let anyone   approach to me, I mean as what we can call friend, I can be nice and polite but not a be a friend I really need to trust that persons...and it's quite difficult once I've being so disappointed about the persons I used to call friends.
I made a real simple test to put those friendships to a test: I'll just vanish, I will stop texting them, calling them, putting loser likes on their lousy facebook stuff, and talk to them through a damn computer. I quit inviting them to go out because they almost never go, and wait I'll wait until someone of those so called "friends" give me a call and say something, invite me to go out...the kind of stuff friends do.
And I waited, and waited, and waited...for you to realize how stupid this is I got several text messages in my cell phone and I don't know who sent it because I switched my cell phone 4 months ago but my number remained the same...during that 4 months I didn't get a call from those persons...and all the sudden I got "happy birthday messages" wishing me a great day! So I must conclude they are meaningless no?
But there's even more, I decided to make this test and never invite no one to do something, but got no invitations to the cinema so I still going alone (by the way this year I was the only person in the whole cinema watching the black swan creepy), I go out like to museums, walk in turistic hot spots, relax in coffees, doing hikes, go shopping to the mall, hold still: I go to manifestations alone...and of course sometimes I have to go alone to concerts and music festivals. You might say that people don't have money to do some stuff, but that's such a lousy don't simply hang out with your friend because you son't have money? But sometimes we not even need money to do cool stuffs, for example, this year Joss Stone did an amazing free show in Lisbon, it was totally free and I went all by myself on summertime, when all exams were over and there's not the excuse of "I got to study". I didn't tell anyone I was going, but put videos of Joss Stone in my facebook saying: "it's tomorrow" (see how loser?) so I went alone and the next day I checked my "friend's" facebooks and they saw that they went there with other friends and took pictures. In a recent concert I went, I found there what I call a "I thought it was a friend" and said him "Hi", he was very surprised to see me although then he said "ohhhh I already knew that you were coming you said it on your facebook. Are you alone?Yes? Oh ok nice to see you". -.-
And several people did this to me and much worse, but let's stop here.
I think that if you don't remind other people all the time that you're alive they just assume your dead.
I decided not to disturb anyone or annoy them, if they are important to me and I'm important for them they'll let me know about that...guess what? they didn't.
But that's ok I rather be alone than with fake persons. And being alone made me spend more time reading, seeing documentaries and getting informed and even write this loser stuff on my blogue (LOL)...the point is that I accomplished a level of culture and information that makes me stay bored and annoyed to be next to people who simply don't have interessant themes of converstations, I got a bit snippy and just decided I would not hang out with idiots any longer. So I rather write on my blogue, getting (almost) no comments but lots and lots of visits worldwide. I guess it's a kind of comfort because I'm making imaginary friends (which are my visitors) but this time they're real. And that's a real loser thing I know but I don't care, more loser is persons that think they can mantain my friendship and respect hanging out through social networks.

All my life I felt understimated by the others but now I have the reverse problem I overstimate me, the way I found out to do that is simply assume that everyone else is idiot and put their opinions, their jokes and the thought "what should they think about myself?", to a trash level. They don't matter anything to me and I want to make sure they got the message right.
I'm tired of always listen that I'm a weirdo,a freak, that a have serious issues, that I'm not normal, that I'm strange so sometimes I felt I have to pretend being a normal person like them. But now I decided just to be myself and I'm proud of it because other people have being showing me how dumb/ stupid and fake they can be...I like spending time with myself  even because I don't argue with myself or make myself cry and get myself out of my nerves.

Yes I'm an outsider and that's my confort zone.

So yesterday I let my cell phone at home for not be disturbed with fake messages of happiness and telling me to have a great day ('cause it's impossible alone). I just went to the Navy museum, walked in a touristic zone of Lisbon: Belém, sat by the river catching some sun and writing, watching people looking at me as a freak (and they don't even knew I was "celebrating" my birthday), I ate one of my favourite cakes: custards of Belém, went to the cinema and had a vegetarian dinner at night by the river alone sometimes listenning to myself "how fail was all that", I came back home and went to was it. A normal day when I go out with myself...but this time was a bit strange I couldn't enjoy was boring!
But at spending my birthday alone I had a quite peaceful day, I not even cried, I couldn't feel depressed or sad about it but I couldn't feel happy too, I was spending the time wishing that comes to an end, it's over I'm older and it's just that.
But sorry I can't stand the phrase: "have a fantastic day 'cause you deserve it, I like you a lot!".
I would like to have a great day but I have no friends to have fun and with my family I have my stressed father and sister getting out of my nerves, and if it's to go to a restaurant I have to see them eating meat (I don't eat meat since I was 12!), and even worse they like to eat baby meat as piglets, calves, baby cows, nanny-goats...and I have to watch or pretend I don't watch and don't care about all that horror scene in front of me, I simply have to pretend I respect them for being such a...what I can call this? bloody predators!?
And like most part of restaurants don't have vegetarian food I would have to eat fish or just rice and salad...
And my family takes a long time to move, in my grandma's birthday we had lunch at 3 p.m!
No I didn't want to watch them eat meat, and have to eat fish, I didn't want to deal with their stresses and I wasn't quite sure they wanted to celebrate anything 'cause my father blames me for his boring life like: "I refused job opportunities abroad 'cause of you", "when I got married and had kids I just couldn't go to cinema anymore, or read anything besides newspapers, I never travelled will to live disappeared...". Well c'mon I must feel glad to have born and wish spend that day with my family? I guess not...besides that when I turned 15th nobody besides grandparents and sister said me happy birthday, my parents simply ignored me...and now they say that they regret...anyway I don't forget and I wasn't willing to take the risk to stay depressive at home regretting my acidental birth, ok?

One thing is sure, 3 years ago I tried to make a birthday party and almost no one wanted to attend it so I canceled it, then I promised to myself I wouldn't go to other's birthday parties and that's clear!

So that's it I have my lost self steem back and I'm stronger than I ever thought I could be , I cannot be super happy for my life but I accomplished a lot of stuff even alone and saw several times my favourite bands so I just won't feel sad any longer because someone made me feel sad and useless.
With all my flaws and frustrations I learnt to respect and like myself, I have a perspective of a future (and it's in peace and alone, I simply decided not to let my happines in other's hands), I discovered lots of qualities in me like I can be a very clever, peaceful, human person I gave myself value and I'm stronger.

So here I go on my own, I don't need nobody I'm bettter off alone.


sábado, 19 de novembro de 2011

good new: Ukraine calls off dog culling

I went to the Humane Society site to see how was going the petition to tell Ukraine to stop killing

 stray dogs and I read this amazing new, read here: humanesociety

"YOU DID IT--Ukraine calls off dog culling! Just days after more than 48,000 of you signed our 

petition, Ukraine environment ministry urges mayors to build shelters instead of killing stray 

dogs. We'll stay involved to make sure catching and sheltering are humane."

Meanwhile the petition to ask the city Lysychansk in eastern Ukraine to stop shooting and 

burning animals alive as part of Football Preparations for Eurofoot 2012 still going on.

Sign here:

Thank you to all animal advocates for taking action!

stop animal testing

A society only can be human and developed without cruelty an as Ghandi said the develeoment of a civilization can be seen by the way animals are treated, so here's  petitions you have to sign saying EU to ban all animal- tested cosmetics:

Britney Spears femme fatale tour

Ok I confess, deep inside of all my gloomy soul, my dark side theories and way of living, besides my rock appearance style and intelectual converstaions I secretly listen to Britney Spears and put her music way up to high whenever I feel happy.
 That's it, I said it, I admit it! Why should I be ashamed of like her and her music? I really don't know why but that's the kind of things I feel like I should feel whenever somebody knows I am her fan since I was a kid, and damn it I still loving her music, her dance moves and her video clipes! Why is that so strange? well because people expect me just to listen to rock and indie music maybe because of my appearance and the concerts that I usually go but maybe because I am a person that is always seeing the dark side of everything and I often get morose and mouning...that must be incompatible with the pinkie Britney Spears whose life althoufg have been everything less pinkie!
  People expect me to be always the person that reads the conceptualized music magazines, reads lots of books, newspapers and watch documentaries,  I usually wear black jackets and all star shoes and intelectual ray ban glasses...well I do read and listen to lots of music and I know lots of bands and different types of music, I do read a lot of stuff specially scientifical magazines...and yes, I went to several of rock shows like Foo Fighetrs, Green Day, my favourite band is My Chemical Romance...and yes, I still like Britney!
The only thing that can make me not like her is when she wears furs (britney-stop-using-fur-just-fur-fun).
But we all have a kid living inside of us and I was waiting since I was 10 and first head the hype: "hit me baby one more time" to see her performing. And despite of my childhood good memories my opinion is that she stills doing good pop and dance music that fits in any disco club and puts everybody in the mood and dancing.
Why cannot me too like dance and pop music and listen mainstream? I'm sick of people always getting surprised of me showing that I'm not corresponding to their first impression or that I'm not only what I appear I am. 
With or without playback Britney Spears's show is full of color, dancers full of energy, fantastic scenarios, wonderful outfits and dance moves, party environment, happy people smiling and dancing too.

So I finnaly get the chance to watch her concert for the first time on 9th November 2011 in Lisbon and it was a nice birthday gift I gave to myself. Of course I wish she didn't sing in playback, but sometimes her voice came out so techno that it was more like a computer singing than human, but that's a trend she is doing techno pop music, but in slower musics she could sing a bit, I think she actaully sang a ballad: "don't let me the last to know". When I go to a concert of course I like to see them playing and singing in this case it was more like see her pretending to sing most part of the time, but I enjoied the show and don't regret anything. Also it would be cool she have more interaction with the public although she said a few thing and she was very nice always with a five star smile. 
I've been to concerts where the bands or singers simply ignore the public like Muse or the the introverted Coldplay but also I've been in concerts where the singer interacts so much with the public that forgets to sing, and sing well...that happened in the 3rd and 4th time I saw 30 seconds to mars. But there's always a great band doing everything of all that like Green Day, they made the most incredible show ever!
Also I already saw my favourite band performing but I must admit it was not even close as good as the other bands I saw.
What I'm saying is that sometimes we just cannot have evrything, if I go to a concert of Adele I will listen a real good voice but not any exciting show.
But of course Britney could sing more and better, I wish she starts doing it.
I read that brazilian fans camped for 1week, some of them 2 weeks and some of them a whole month!!! Can this be true? But they even looked proud of saying that! Sure they have nothing to do with their lifes and that shows the amount of fanatic persons that can lead famous to insanity! And camp to see a singer or band is as stupid as shocking! I wouldn't do that for any band or singer! 
I arrived 30 seconds before the show stayed about 15 m in front of the stage and saw everything! Thanks God in Portugal there's no fanatism and stupidity!
After all her problems that filled lots of  evil tabloids exploring her breakdown, after her heart got seriously broken by an illusion, after she got really down without knowing who to believe and trust since it looks like almost everybody only used her to get profits since she was a kid. 
Imagine what is like you be at your own house and have papparazzis taking pictures of you even in helicopters or going out and be stalked by fleet of cars with everybody flasing at your face just to see if you'll do something wrong to make a magazine cover!
I can't imagine a life without freedom as she lived! Besides of all cynical persons around her! Without knowing what's or who is real or don't!
Face it you probably would be down too!
But now Brit is in a good phase of her life, she no longer appears in tabloids for the worst reasons, she spent 3 whole days in Lisbon with her kids without being stalked by anyone, doing tourism with her family as a normal person in peace.
So I was very happy to see an happy Britney, okay with life, back on stage dancing.
One thing you must be sure, the 90's would be more boring and the pop industry itself would be poorer without the princess of pop!
Long living to the princess!

domingo, 13 de novembro de 2011

Modern Art: a waste that is worth millions

See that picture above?
Well I took that from the internet it's spread all around but the original painting painted by Roy Lichtensei known by the Pop Art Culture was sold in an auction for 28,3 million euros. Yeah you read it right: 28 300 00 Euros (said the free newspaper: metro of 10th November 2011) about 43,2 million dollares (said the internet)!
I searched for who bought that painting and even if the money from the sale of the painting was going to charity but couldn't find anything.
I really hope that that auction is for help charity institutions  and that who bought it thought about helping this way other people and/or causes...otherwise it's just  offensive and shocking someone this filthy rich can be able to commit this eccentricity, clearly must be someone who really don't know what to do with their money and treats millions as cents, as just a few bucks!
The price of the sale of this stupid painting similar to an ordinary square of the comic books is 28 300 000 euros...I can't believe this! With that amount of money you can buy more than 46 nice mansions in Portugal each one worth in 500 000 euros, you could pay 56 600 workers a bit more than the minimum wage in Portugal (500 euros per month is what each worker earns to live for a whole month, and actually the minimum wage in Portugal is even less it is about 416 euros...a misery!).
And with such an amount of money you could help lots of ecological and social causes, help a lot of mistreated animals and children and feed lots of famine not even in Africa but in urban slums of our cities!

Besides this is an insult to the art itself since this is no art at all: real art is renaissance art, medieval and gothic art, baroque art...
Really I got  comic books more elaborated than this painting!

So if this was not for charity this is trully offensive and only shows how unfair this capitalism system is, that the money is bad distributed and administered. It shows how selfish and dumb can be some of the most ridiculous rich!
More reading: the waste of modern art

sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011


You got to see this amazing video I put below!
This is about the Movement Occupy Wall Street that makes the parallelism between the uprisings in the Middle East took by protesters that were very welcomed by the U.S.A and also European governments because USA, European Union and NATO fight to free people from their tyrants and we are the advanced western nations that want to free the world, aren't we?
This video clearly says: "No!". Why? Because our governments say that they regret and rise up against violence used against manifestants and (by the way in Europe that doesn't happen ) but in U.S.A it happens the same.
USA proclaims itself as the country of freedom but then they arrest peaceful protesters and beat them up! You can hear in the video people exclaiming: "shameeeeee". Yes shame! 
In a way USA says that people have the right to meet and discuss ideias, the right to free speech, the right to manifest but only when that so called freedom and free speech suits their huge global interests.
People watching the Middle East riots come to realize that they too had reasons to manifest for a better life, country and world. 
Media showed us that but governments were wrong when they thought we were all such a dead zombie crew that we wouldn't wake up to see the shit that the system is! Guess what you get us wrong and we're proving you corruption won't last for too long!

In this case manifestations worldwide but specially in USA, New York people realized that their country and even the world is controlled by the evil forces of capitalism, when (unfortunatelly only when) capitalism didn't served americans any longer and when they too became unemployed some of them acted!

Occupying Wall Street is a very iconical thing to do because USA, NY and Wall Street are the worldwide centre of capitalism, of all world wide speculation process, the schizophrenic stock exchange always going up and down, the rating agencies, the big companies and officies, the skyscrapers, the agonizing Times Square full of publicity and neon lights incentivating mass consumption, one of the most polluted cities in the world...I better stop here!

Bankers and speculaters are making huge amounts of money due to our misfortune...and they will still doing that as long as we let them!

Governments, huge companies, capitalists, corrupted Media, bankers, corrupted economists none of them NONE OF THEM, wants us to understand what they're really doing, NONE of them want us to understand economy, NONE of them wants us awake!
Nothing you can learn at school will explain you the real world, believe me NOTHING! The governments are very frightened of a dynamic youth they rather have an army of zombies, professors will fill up your mind of crap and make you study huge amounts of shit about economy, finances...but learn how does it work? NO! It's too dangerous! Knowing too much is too too dangerous, and hell I know it but guess what: I DON'T CARE! I don't care about expressing my ideas, about speaking my mind out, as the boy in the video below I too rather be arrested or be dead than be quiet watching all this injustice!

And I'm very lucky about living in Europe, because if I lived in USA I probably would be arrested by CIA (remeber that young soldier that revealed to wikileaks the war atrocities done by americans in the middle East?) or even condemned for dead penalty (there's not such a thing in Europe), if I lived in China my blogue would be deleted and if I lived any elsewhere I probably couldn't say what I want.

Governments and politicians deceive voters doing otherwise of what they said they would do, some even can control media...governments are corrupted and not just in the Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc...all, ALL the world is corrupted! The system is rotten, and we make part of it!

Karl Marx were so right when he said that "The capitalist production develops the technique and combined process of social productionin in the condition of deplete the two main sources which derive wealth: the planet Earth and the worker" . Perhaps this is a good time for America realize than cannot deplete the natural resources and go green ratifying the Kyoto Protocol instead of invading other nations for oil...

So americans and europeans as you can see our governments aren't really interested in improve life quality of citizens living in countries that our troops invade in the name of Peace and Freedom...they're not even interesting in improving our life and ensure our freedom!

Finally, FINALLY people realized that! And so they're fighting for the same rights as people in the Middle East did the diference might be that we are being repressed by our governments (repression is in USA in Europe we are just ignored by politicians) and rebels but also peaceful anti regime protesters are being supported by our governments! Isn't that ironic?

What's the advantage of having a Nobel Peace Prize on charge in USA when Obama seems to be just another puppet in the hands of capitalists? As you can see there is a lot of untold story.
Yeah the regime will collapse!