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American congress want to censore the world wide web

Communication from Avaaz:

"Right now, the USA congress is debating a new law that can confer the USA country the power to censore the world wide web- creating a black list that might have as targets Youtube, Wikileaks or Avaaz!
Under this law, USA can force the internet providers to block any website suspicious to violate the laws of copyright and intelectual property or that fail policing suficiently the activity of its users. And due to the fact most web hosting services are located in USA, that black list could suppress teh free web to all of us.
The votting can happen any day, but together we can stop this- some members of the congress want to preserve  the freedom of speech and informed us that an international uproar could help their influence inside the congress. Let's urgently raise our voices from all places in the world and create a global petition like it was never seen before appealing that the decision makers reject that law project and detain the censore in the Internet. Click below to sign, and then forward to as many people as possible - our message will be delivered directly to the USA congress members before the crucial voting:


For years, the USA government condemned countries as China or Iran for the repression of the use of internet. But the impact of the new laws of censore in North America could be much more worse, blocking sites for all internet users around the globe.

Last year, a similar law project of internet censore was stopped before get in the USA senate, but now this project is back in a new different way.
The copyright laws already exist and are apllied by the courts. But this law goes much far beyond that, it warrants to the government and large corporations enormous powers to force internet service providers and search tools to block websites only based on alleged violations without a trial or a proof that the crime happened!
The proponents of free speech in USA already activated the alarm and some senators are trying to gather sufficient support to stop this dangerous law project.
We have no time to lose, let's support them and assure that the american legislators preserve the right to a free and open  internet as an essential way for people all around the world excahnge ideas, communicate and work collectively to build the world we want.
During the last months, from the Arab spring to the movement Occupy all over the world, we've seen in first hand how internet can stimulate, hold together and change the world. Now, if we stick together, we can stop this new attack against freedom in internet. We've already accomplished that yet- in Brazil and in Italy, the Avaaz members won big victories in the struggle for internet. Let's do this a global demand and moblize to defeat the most powerful threat of censorship that the Internet has ever seen".

I hardly can believe that US government is thinking of impose a global censorship to the freedom of free speech through the internet!That's outrageous!
This law project coming true would mean the biggest attack to the freedom of free speech of the all human History! I hardly can believe that such an idea can be voted! I'm in shock!
But this only shows the fear that corrupted and liars governments and the global system itself is apprehensive of the people that use the internet in their demand to search the truth, inform the others and get informed, debate ideias through internet, denounce injustices, raise awareness, wake consciences an mobilize people to the a global change...that might not be suitable for the interests of the most powerfull ones.
Internet is the most democratic media eve, censore opinions and texts done by journalists or ordinary people in pages of internet like blogues is the biggest attack to the freedom of our speech speech and the right for search a different truth that are not imposed on us by bought and censored media. And many governments already bought and censored some media in magazines/TV/ newspapers shaping the citizen's minds for what suits them better...but internet still being a free territory by now (at least if you don't live in China or Iran) and that's how it must continue to be like!
If there is anything that must be censored in the internet are the gigabytes of porn (specially american porn from California) floating on internet. But porn is the 2nd biggest industry in USA, it's a dirt industry that is worth billions so it's owkay isn't it? By the way the biggest, the nr 1, industry of USA is the armament...with the amount of war missions worldwide we would never have guess...
The sites of terrorism appealing to violence and wickedness should be banned too.
Another option is other countries specially in Europe decentralize from the USA net providers and build a free network from them.
Talking about myself as a blogger I received thousands of visits from all over the world (from all Europe and other different countries worldwide like USA, canada, Argentina, Mexico, New Zeland, Australia, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique,Russia, Japan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egipt, Lybia and even Iraq) but i noticed I've never have a visitor from China because google is blocked there and internet is censored, chinese people only can access to internet pages that were chosed and controlled. In China some bloggers have their content deleted, they're chased, arrested, tortured and even condemned to death penalty just for facing the government.
With this new censorship law approved I'm sure my blogue should be one of the large amounts of blogues to de deleted ore even banned once my vision about the global system is not suitable for the vision politicians wants to enforce us with and resigned myself to give them a supreme authority.
USA approving this new law would cause a global censorship and prevent institutions like Wikileaks, Avaaz, International Amnisty, Greenpeace, WWF and much much more other institutions to show us the harsh reality behind the selective filter of other media.

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