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Britney Spears femme fatale tour

Ok I confess, deep inside of all my gloomy soul, my dark side theories and way of living, besides my rock appearance style and intelectual converstaions I secretly listen to Britney Spears and put her music way up to high whenever I feel happy.
 That's it, I said it, I admit it! Why should I be ashamed of like her and her music? I really don't know why but that's the kind of things I feel like I should feel whenever somebody knows I am her fan since I was a kid, and damn it I still loving her music, her dance moves and her video clipes! Why is that so strange? well because people expect me just to listen to rock and indie music maybe because of my appearance and the concerts that I usually go but maybe because I am a person that is always seeing the dark side of everything and I often get morose and mouning...that must be incompatible with the pinkie Britney Spears whose life althoufg have been everything less pinkie!
  People expect me to be always the person that reads the conceptualized music magazines, reads lots of books, newspapers and watch documentaries,  I usually wear black jackets and all star shoes and intelectual ray ban glasses...well I do read and listen to lots of music and I know lots of bands and different types of music, I do read a lot of stuff specially scientifical magazines...and yes, I went to several of rock shows like Foo Fighetrs, Green Day, my favourite band is My Chemical Romance...and yes, I still like Britney!
The only thing that can make me not like her is when she wears furs (britney-stop-using-fur-just-fur-fun).
But we all have a kid living inside of us and I was waiting since I was 10 and first head the hype: "hit me baby one more time" to see her performing. And despite of my childhood good memories my opinion is that she stills doing good pop and dance music that fits in any disco club and puts everybody in the mood and dancing.
Why cannot me too like dance and pop music and listen mainstream? I'm sick of people always getting surprised of me showing that I'm not corresponding to their first impression or that I'm not only what I appear I am. 
With or without playback Britney Spears's show is full of color, dancers full of energy, fantastic scenarios, wonderful outfits and dance moves, party environment, happy people smiling and dancing too.

So I finnaly get the chance to watch her concert for the first time on 9th November 2011 in Lisbon and it was a nice birthday gift I gave to myself. Of course I wish she didn't sing in playback, but sometimes her voice came out so techno that it was more like a computer singing than human, but that's a trend she is doing techno pop music, but in slower musics she could sing a bit, I think she actaully sang a ballad: "don't let me the last to know". When I go to a concert of course I like to see them playing and singing in this case it was more like see her pretending to sing most part of the time, but I enjoied the show and don't regret anything. Also it would be cool she have more interaction with the public although she said a few thing and she was very nice always with a five star smile. 
I've been to concerts where the bands or singers simply ignore the public like Muse or the the introverted Coldplay but also I've been in concerts where the singer interacts so much with the public that forgets to sing, and sing well...that happened in the 3rd and 4th time I saw 30 seconds to mars. But there's always a great band doing everything of all that like Green Day, they made the most incredible show ever!
Also I already saw my favourite band performing but I must admit it was not even close as good as the other bands I saw.
What I'm saying is that sometimes we just cannot have evrything, if I go to a concert of Adele I will listen a real good voice but not any exciting show.
But of course Britney could sing more and better, I wish she starts doing it.
I read that brazilian fans camped for 1week, some of them 2 weeks and some of them a whole month!!! Can this be true? But they even looked proud of saying that! Sure they have nothing to do with their lifes and that shows the amount of fanatic persons that can lead famous to insanity! And camp to see a singer or band is as stupid as shocking! I wouldn't do that for any band or singer! 
I arrived 30 seconds before the show stayed about 15 m in front of the stage and saw everything! Thanks God in Portugal there's no fanatism and stupidity!
After all her problems that filled lots of  evil tabloids exploring her breakdown, after her heart got seriously broken by an illusion, after she got really down without knowing who to believe and trust since it looks like almost everybody only used her to get profits since she was a kid. 
Imagine what is like you be at your own house and have papparazzis taking pictures of you even in helicopters or going out and be stalked by fleet of cars with everybody flasing at your face just to see if you'll do something wrong to make a magazine cover!
I can't imagine a life without freedom as she lived! Besides of all cynical persons around her! Without knowing what's or who is real or don't!
Face it you probably would be down too!
But now Brit is in a good phase of her life, she no longer appears in tabloids for the worst reasons, she spent 3 whole days in Lisbon with her kids without being stalked by anyone, doing tourism with her family as a normal person in peace.
So I was very happy to see an happy Britney, okay with life, back on stage dancing.
One thing you must be sure, the 90's would be more boring and the pop industry itself would be poorer without the princess of pop!
Long living to the princess!

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