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Colombian militias "clean" streets killing homelessness

I received this message from the Care2 petitiosite I got shocked, this is by far the most horrifying thing I could ever imagine that is happening in the world:
"Death squads and social cleansing have been a large part of Colombia’s past. Unfortunately, they are still a part of Colombia’s present: the government is using police groups and parts of the military to exterminate people that are considered to be socially unwanted, such as the homeless.According to a documentary done by VBS.TV, the homeless are forced to hide in sewers to escape the death squads. These sewers, however, do not provide much protection as militia groups have been known to ignite the sewers with gasoline, trapping and killing those below. Many of these homeless people are children and adolescents who have been living on the streets for years. With no support and no other options, these people’s lives are at risk every single day.
Tell the President of Colombia, the Minister of Defense and the National Police Director that the social cleansing occurring in Colombia is unacceptable and must stop!"
So after sign the petition I searched for the documentary of VBS tv about children living in sewers in Bogotá, Colombia and I found it:
Or watch it on Youtube:
The sewers were filled with packs of kids living waist-deep in shit and taking in copious amounts of glue and crack in order to cope the street kids had gone down into the sewers in the first place was to get away from the violence. But then the paramilitary death squads who had chased them off the street started to come into the pipes and shoot them or douse them in gasoline or rape them. Ten-year-old girls were giving birth and trying to raise babies in the middle of sewage (the early onset of puberty having been brought on by the constant molestation by adults and older kids).
I thought this was an isolated case in colombia, but searching in the internet I found out that children live in streets and sewers everywhere, even in Rome homelless kids who came illegaly hidden in trucks to Europe, speciall afghan kids:
But there's also lot's of sewer kids in Ukraine(the kid from the picture above lives in Ukraine), Angola (Luanda specially) and God knows where else they can live.
I've read annd seen in TV  that also in Brasil militias do this kind of "cleansing" shooting street children.
I'm shoked! How awful is this world!

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  1. The poor children need to kill those scumbag pigs killing them...Want me to come to Cocaineslumbia and help?