sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2011

Homeless kids in USA and UK

Then I found a video that said that Britain have the highest population in Europe and 15% of them are homeless children (see here:!). I must confess that I hardly can believe there are homeless kids in Britain, all I know is what I read in Courrier International Magazine that said that the number of homeless people and people living in improvised sheds is really increasing in London.
But I searched and foud this article about homeless kids in the sun newspaper:
The principal causes for homeless children are: arson, domestic violence, immigration and bankruptcy of families due to the economica recession.

I found this page on the internet that says that there are about 16 000 homeless children in LA alone!

I wrote a post about homeless kids in Colombia thinking it was an isolated case: because I always thought this sort of things only happened in underdeveloped countries but now I realize it happens too in Europe and in USA, in developed countries too which means that we're building a less and less fair and equal society where rich people get richer and poor people are getting poor.
We can see the big Nation of USA, being the 1st economy in the world, spending millions on wars and turning back their citizens needs.
In UK we see a monarchy idolized and loved but that don't have a single word to say about this inhumane situations people live, at the same time people have to pay monarchy taxes for they live in opolunce hidden from the truth in their palaces thinking of what millionaire dress they will wear next charity dinner...
The world is ver very hypocrite!

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