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Is this the American Dream? sewer cities underneath USA

So last post was about children and adults too living in Bogota sewers in Colombia, a 3rd world country but I found that in the big USA, the biggest economy in the world, there are too people iving in sewers, and in tunnels right next railways in small holes they call home and live forgotten from the society. In fact USA has its own subterranean sewer cities!
Most part of that people were victims of the recession who satyed with no home after the subprime crisis, some of them too are nature disaster victims (like a girl that lost everything due to Hurricaine Katrina) and some of them are very high skilled persons that got an education...but with the recession got no job, and home.
Relatives of mine went to USA in tourism and visited New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
About Vegas they were astonishing and told me: "I never knew that in the world could exist so much wealth ".
But here's the other side of all that casinos full with glamour and filthy rich persons:
Same in New York:

Matthew O'Brien author and journalist even wrote a book about homeless people living in tunnels and sewers of Los Angels, it's called: Beneath the Neon (
This is really sad and makes me realize that the world is full of injustices everywhere.
About the american dream it became a nightmare. America government should stop using citizen's money to invade and detonate other countries making war everywhere...because after all now USA is dealing with the same outrageous situations people from teh so called 3rd world countries deal with.
 We all have the right to live with dignity, the right to have a home in conditions, the right to be treated as human and not sewer rats being ignored for the society that didn't care about those people anymore when they get poor.
Power to the people let's change this injustice!

Then I found a video that said that Britain have the highest population in Europe and 15% of them are homeless children (see here:!). I must confess that I hardly can believe there are homeless kids in Britain, all I know is what I read in Courier International Magazine that said that the number of homeless people and people living in improvised sheds is really increasing in London.

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