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You got to see this amazing video I put below!
This is about the Movement Occupy Wall Street that makes the parallelism between the uprisings in the Middle East took by protesters that were very welcomed by the U.S.A and also European governments because USA, European Union and NATO fight to free people from their tyrants and we are the advanced western nations that want to free the world, aren't we?
This video clearly says: "No!". Why? Because our governments say that they regret and rise up against violence used against manifestants and (by the way in Europe that doesn't happen ) but in U.S.A it happens the same.
USA proclaims itself as the country of freedom but then they arrest peaceful protesters and beat them up! You can hear in the video people exclaiming: "shameeeeee". Yes shame! 
In a way USA says that people have the right to meet and discuss ideias, the right to free speech, the right to manifest but only when that so called freedom and free speech suits their huge global interests.
People watching the Middle East riots come to realize that they too had reasons to manifest for a better life, country and world. 
Media showed us that but governments were wrong when they thought we were all such a dead zombie crew that we wouldn't wake up to see the shit that the system is! Guess what you get us wrong and we're proving you corruption won't last for too long!

In this case manifestations worldwide but specially in USA, New York people realized that their country and even the world is controlled by the evil forces of capitalism, when (unfortunatelly only when) capitalism didn't served americans any longer and when they too became unemployed some of them acted!

Occupying Wall Street is a very iconical thing to do because USA, NY and Wall Street are the worldwide centre of capitalism, of all world wide speculation process, the schizophrenic stock exchange always going up and down, the rating agencies, the big companies and officies, the skyscrapers, the agonizing Times Square full of publicity and neon lights incentivating mass consumption, one of the most polluted cities in the world...I better stop here!

Bankers and speculaters are making huge amounts of money due to our misfortune...and they will still doing that as long as we let them!

Governments, huge companies, capitalists, corrupted Media, bankers, corrupted economists none of them NONE OF THEM, wants us to understand what they're really doing, NONE of them want us to understand economy, NONE of them wants us awake!
Nothing you can learn at school will explain you the real world, believe me NOTHING! The governments are very frightened of a dynamic youth they rather have an army of zombies, professors will fill up your mind of crap and make you study huge amounts of shit about economy, finances...but learn how does it work? NO! It's too dangerous! Knowing too much is too too dangerous, and hell I know it but guess what: I DON'T CARE! I don't care about expressing my ideas, about speaking my mind out, as the boy in the video below I too rather be arrested or be dead than be quiet watching all this injustice!

And I'm very lucky about living in Europe, because if I lived in USA I probably would be arrested by CIA (remeber that young soldier that revealed to wikileaks the war atrocities done by americans in the middle East?) or even condemned for dead penalty (there's not such a thing in Europe), if I lived in China my blogue would be deleted and if I lived any elsewhere I probably couldn't say what I want.

Governments and politicians deceive voters doing otherwise of what they said they would do, some even can control media...governments are corrupted and not just in the Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc...all, ALL the world is corrupted! The system is rotten, and we make part of it!

Karl Marx were so right when he said that "The capitalist production develops the technique and combined process of social productionin in the condition of deplete the two main sources which derive wealth: the planet Earth and the worker" . Perhaps this is a good time for America realize than cannot deplete the natural resources and go green ratifying the Kyoto Protocol instead of invading other nations for oil...

So americans and europeans as you can see our governments aren't really interested in improve life quality of citizens living in countries that our troops invade in the name of Peace and Freedom...they're not even interesting in improving our life and ensure our freedom!

Finally, FINALLY people realized that! And so they're fighting for the same rights as people in the Middle East did the diference might be that we are being repressed by our governments (repression is in USA in Europe we are just ignored by politicians) and rebels but also peaceful anti regime protesters are being supported by our governments! Isn't that ironic?

What's the advantage of having a Nobel Peace Prize on charge in USA when Obama seems to be just another puppet in the hands of capitalists? As you can see there is a lot of untold story.
Yeah the regime will collapse!

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  1. I had a friend plan her own event. She had to get permits and everything plus rules to follow.

  2. Hey Adam! thanks for the comment. Well in Europe to make manifestations we need permission too but that's because of our security and the traffic, things are planned for that. But as long as no one is violent there's no repression between people and cops. Also you are free to say whatever you want about everything. When I saw that video and then the speech of Mrs Clinton and Obama and saw what cops are doing to protestors I felt very disgusted!
    However keep occupying everything!
    Fight the power! \-/