sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2011

Merry Christmas!

My Christmas everyone!
Hope you have a great time alone or with family and avoid the stupid familiar discussions, also I would suggest you to not eat meat: don't eat the christmas crib and become vegetarian.
Well I haven't  done anything for this christmas, I not even decorated the christmas year ( for years I don't do that), anyway the fact is that I didn't do anything yet, not even help people...college is absorbing so much of my time that when my classes finished at 22nd December I was totally lost of what to do next.
But we should help people and not even just in Christmas.
Besides being with family there's no other reason that makes me like Christmas: the capitalist frenzy at the malls, the imperative of buy, buy buy! And the fact it's a christian tradition inspired in paganism to celebrate the winter solstice. The modern christmas is all about capitalism, a Santa Claus dressed in red was an invention from Coc Cola.
Anyway it's good to have a diffferent season in the year, and after this one I sure have to spend a lot of time at the gym!

last year I wrote a letter to Santa: http://celta-myuniverse.blogspot.com/2010/12/my-letter-to-santa-claus.html
I asked him for good friends, is not that I haven't go anyone, the fact is that I have few persons to make things that I like and invite me over...the fact is that I feel alone and strange most part of the time...surprisingly I don't like it at all, but being around with silly persons just doesn't match with me and all this year I've been avoiding everyone and I didn't make a single effort to meet new persons. To be honest, I even lost some of my social connections...right now I don't know who I can call a friend but to be honest I'm not a friend of anyone too.
This year I was a completely outsider, most part of time alone and I just don't know how to get along with the others again. I've been wishing all the years to meet fun, interesting and inteligent people to talk to and to get out...but I can't see anyone, so I just quit. Yeah  I quit!

What I would ask to santa Claus if he actually existed?
I would like there's no kids on the streets living alone, I would like people stop mistreating children and animals and more and more people become vegetarians, I would like to all the world got involved in environmental issues and we all try to get to agreements and solutions to save Earth, and I would like the that the corruption is criminalized and people stop paying for corrupted banks and politicians bad actions, that there's no poor and super riches, I would like to people to stop using fur and I would like too the end of starvation and enslavement in the world.

It's a big wish I know!

Merry Christmas believers!

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