segunda-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2011

My letter to Rihanna

Dear Rihanna

I heard that last saturday you had a great show in Lisbon, inclusively you said on your twitter that "Portugal was legandary". The concert was sold out with 20 000 people, I bet it was great and wish you had a great time in Lisbon.
I thought if I should go or not to your show, trust me I would like to go, but then I decided to not go because you wear fur and I don't want to contribute for your bloody wardrobe.
So for someone that was beaten before by a man, you should know what suffer and pain is...and trust me those  animals suffered a lot being skinned alive just to make your fur coats.
So it would be great if you just gain a bit of kindness in your heart and stop buying and wearing fur...then I would go to your shows. It's a good idea fans stop going to shows whose artists use fur...
So I just wish you to stop using fur.

Best wishes for a cruelty free future of yours.

With hope


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