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The Protester: The Person of the Year 2011

So we're getting close to the time we change the year from 2011 to 2012, and according to Mayas it is the last one.
I'm not superstitious but I don't exclude the possibility of the world coming to an end near: a simple collision with an asteroid could do the job, but there is too the possibility of nuclear we all should become free from nuclear, it is something that will leave toxic waste for millions of years corroding planet Earth and it's dangerous.
What I think about 2012 is a bit like the Maya civilization: the world will end, but not in a way it wil disappear in a way it will change.
I think the world as we know it will change, we could see it in 2011: people are finally waking up and trying to understand what is happening around, they finally are getting along together more than ever, they join to discuss about the world's problems, they go to the streets protesting and they had serious vitories, as we can see in the Middle East, the people revolted against their dictators and demanded the right to have a democracy where they could chose their government and they could have free speech (although I get a bit sad for the way americans and europeans "helped" them doing the revolution like in Lybia, I think it's not destroying the countries making war we can help them!).
Anyway in 2011 people raised their voices all around: from the arabic spring movements that overthrew dictatorships with decades, until the movement Occupy Wall Street and the Movement of Indignants worldwide that gather forces against the bankers dictatorships until the recent protests in Russia against corruption in elections.
So the protesters were for sure the figure of the year 2011, as the magazine Times elected.
People are making the difference by taking responsible individual actions and they started thinking by themselves and took a stand fighting for something.
 People are making the change on their own and that's great!
We all know we make part of a system that doesn't serve our interests, we don't believe in governments anymore and we want to stop corruption...this means that we are involved in a big change, a global change and we no longer will quit...all the people in the world is starting to understand and acting...the governments and bankers are afraid, 'cause they know they won't stop the whole humanity!
People are tired of wars, of the lies of the politians, people are tired of living in an unequal and unfair they wanna change this, and now they believe!
In 2011 the world lost lots of dictators, and right now, in all countries we demand a true democracy in the world even in those countries that say the have democracy and after all don't care about people needs but they obbey to the bankers and the stock market, people just don't agree the way politicians are dealing with the problem because they know they don't want to defend their interests but yes the interests of the powefull ones.
More and more people are becoming more ecological and really want to save Earth, there are more and more nature activists and more and more animal lovers and vegetarians and vegans.
So I'm sure 2012 will be different for better, a lot of revolutions will happen and it will turn the world in a better place.

Happy 2012!

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