quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

Take a stand against anti-wolf legislation

Ok! I think I'll just stop trying to understand people, and humanity in general, they're just stupid!
Really! I have serious difficulties in applying the word humans to humans themselves!

Here's another example of wickedness I found out in the facebook, it's an american page anti-wolf and wild animals (click: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sky-Country-Journal/151149468253345).
Basically they argue that they are doing good killing wild animals such us the wolves and the hunters even receive money for the killing.
See this picture below:

Yes it's a family, happy for killing the wolves, with their children happy too! This is so sick, this persons are so so sick!
And the legend of the image in that facebook page is even more sick: "Thanks Idaho for Wildlife for passing along this photo of Alberta wolf hunters saving some wildlife."

But it's an even more deep question, some members of the U.S congress want to approve a law to prevent wolves from being protected under the Endangered Species Act. What's the point your blooody bastards?

The Defenders of WildlifeAction  Fund already took a stand against that anti-wolf legislation and made a petition sign online that is being very successful but still needs a few more signatures to reach the goal of 80 000 signatures.
Please sign!

I wish people start respecting wild life and animals in general, instead of killing and destroying everything, I just wish people stop being heartless!

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