segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2011

Vatican Christmas tree is decorated with gold and silver

That's it the super super rich independent state of Vatican, where is the headquarter of catholicism, has a very fancy christmas tree with 25 meters well decoarted with 2 500 balls made of gold and silver!
So the Pope this year condemned the consumerism around the Christmas season but it makes sense to him to have such an ostensive christmas tree full of gold and silver! Why don't they just sell that frivolous material and give that money to poor ones? Because they're all the time condemning the greed, the luxury, the selfishness, the ostentaion...after all you pray for the poor ones and say they will receive Heaven, in all Bible the kind of ostensive way of life Vatican had and still having is criticized...I mean does people really read the Bible? I am heretic and I read the Bible!
 Honestly worshipping Catholism is insane! How can people still believe in Catholic church after all that scandals, bloody and intolerant History and all their contradictions between what they do and what they preach?
I really know, fortunately I'm herectic!

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