sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

The human race is fucked up!

This is really the kind of things I would rather not to be aware of!
I avoid to speak in too much shocking subjects in my blogue, and I never put shocking images here but even some things are just so terrible that I get so shocked and revolted that I can't pretend I don't know...

Through the facebook of Occupy for Animals occupyforanimals--bestiality ) I discovered that there are some people that abuse sexually animals (!!!!).
And I thought that I've seen it all: since the stray dog that died from thirst and hunger exhibited in an "art exposition" in New York in front of everyone that didn't care, to an english guy that cooked his friend's cat in a micro wave (fortunatelly he was arrested and he'll be in jail...for 6 months), to a crazy stupid girl in Neatherland that makes art objects with animals she kills, to danish students that ate a cat to prove it tastes like pork, to brutal traditional cruelity against animals like bullfighting, dos fighting, to chop brutally pigs in Vietname (read: brutal-unacceptable-revolting)...
No it was no enough people use animals for fur, for meat and derivates mistreating them brutally all their lives in during their deaths, it was not enough laboratory cruel testes or even kill them just for fun...no people can go further and rape animals!!!!
And it is even legal!!! And legal in developed european countries like Sweden (!!!!), Finland (!!!!), Denmark (!!!!!!), Belgium (!!!!) and Hungary (!!!).
It's even done porn movies with animals (and I read that too in a magazine about sex shops, one of the most seen movies there was with a dog !!!how disgusting!!!!!).
So much madness, wickedness, dementia, repugnance!!!!
I have to words to describe what I feel right now!

"The German activist Ulla Saure has introduced the following proposal against bestiality:

"Since 1969, the sexual abuse of animals has been re-legalized.

My suggestion would be: a very clear formulation of the Animal Protection Act, which prohibits any sexual acts with animals and also to prohibit the possession of any pornographic material that shows bestiality!

And also a very clear formulation of the Animal Protection Act, that any rent and any sale of animals for sexual purposes is prohibited.

Furthermore, to address this problem and to a change or amendment in the law to work and fulfill your obligation as a representative of the people.

Thank you ..."

Please click on "Glauben Sie, dass dieser Vorschlag weiterverfolgt werden sollte? Dann geben Sie hier Ihre Stimme ab"

which means:

"Do you think that this proposal should be pursued? Then enter your voice please"

Here's the link (it's in german):

So when I think people can't shock me any longer because I think I've seen a lot of shit they do and it can't get any worse that's when I discover how awful, sadist, disgusting, insane, demented and evil people can be!


People make me sick!

Einstein was right: human stupidity is infinite!

How could closely describe my revolt is Slipknot song "People= Shit", so damn true!

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