sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

Britney is concerned about rainforests but she didn't give up on fur yet!

Well the Earth's day was last Sunday (22th April). So when I was on facebook I went to Britney Spears's facebook (yeh I'm a fan of her and people are trying to make me feel embarrassed about that all the time...it's like I can't like to hear Britney Spears because in those people's mind that means I don't hear good quality music which is terrible wrong since I like all kinds of music and I'm a fan of several bands which I have seen performing like Linkin Park, Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Muse, Coldplay...and so on), but moving on, I saw on britney's profile:

"Happy Earth Day! My kids love Rainforest Cafe, therefore let's support the rainforest! Check out http://www.cuipo.org/"

I'm happy for Britney shows her concern about saving rainforests but this is not coherent with the fact Britney wears fur  which unfortunately makes her one of several  bloody minded celebreties.
So I just wrote on her facebook:


I hope she finally stop wearing fur...she can't love and try to protect nature if she buys clothes and other things made of real fur!

You should know that only beautiful creatures and ugly people wear fur!
Quit fur!

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