domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

The deadliest sniper in the world is USA's national hero

See that monster smiling above? his name is Chris Kyle, north-american man, 37 years old, who became a legend in SEAL he's too a National Hero in USA.
His mission in Iraq was to kill: and he killed, he saw the terrorists and shot them, he says that killed 255 people, and he doesn't regret anything, moreover he says he liked it and he only stopped for one simple reason: to save his marriage! (really? monsters marry!).
So this monster motto is just one "despite of what your mother told you, violence solves the problems!". His aim and sight made then the best sniper of the US army (so this is a compliment!!). There's 160 deaths confirmed by the Pentagon.
His first victim was a woman that had a grenade, it was the last time too he killed a woman. After this he never hesitate anymore: "my duty was to fire. If I didn't do it the savages would kill americans", he writes in the book America Sniper. It's memories where there's no place for doubts: he says he loved what he did and that he doesn't regret the killings.
After killing 40 rebels in the battle of Fallujah, the marines started calling them the legend but for the iraqis he was the "Devil of Ramadi".
The episode that, in his expression, amused him the most (!) during the war happened in 2006: he and other soldiers saw fearless iraqis playing football with several balls at the beach, the marines were 1450 metres away and the iraqis saw them, but the distance warranty them safety so they started making fun of americans. So Kyle shoot each ball and burst them the insults continue (how do they know they were insulting them 1450 metres away?) kyle risked a "lucky shot" in that direction and killed an iraqi. He says: "God guided that bullet"!!! But his biggest shot at a biggest distance was in 2008 in the surroundings of Sadr City he was in a 2nd floor of a building protecting a north-american patrol so he noticed someone back sit in a roof of a house almost 2 km away...he didn't saw any gun but he was suspicious so he fired!!!
Kyle was injured in shooting twice at war, he won several medals(!!!) and he retired in 2009 from the military life because of his son's and wife's pressure (OMG!!! that serial killer has a family!), then he opened a security enterprise where he forms snipers (right keep up your bloody legacy).
So serial killers like this are USA's national heroes and are inserted in society again and even gain medals but guys like Bradley Manning who told the truth about the atrocities going on in Iraq and didn't pact with that war crimes (being war a crime itself) is arrested in USA: the land of freedom facing death penalty or a lifetime imprisionment!!! Free Bradley he's kept away from his family and friends and from society but he's not a threat...on the other hand he never hurt anyone: he should be the hero!
Really USA has caused so much deaths and pain: USA's troops invade other's nations, kill everyone and destroy their lives. I agree with Ted Randall: USA is the most genocidal nation that ever existed!
There's no other way to say this: USA sucks!

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