domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

El Corte Ingles, shopping centre organizes hunting trips to hunt wild and endangered animals!

In english this anti El Corte Inglês campaign means: "Please do not organize trips to kill me and my family...LET ME LIVE"

So after the scandal that was the King of Spain leave Spain without telling anyone he was going out of the country (not even to the Prime Minister Rajoy) hunt elephants in Botswana (even being the Honorary President of the spanish WWF since 1968 and having he doing huntings all his life), after the forced and cynical  King's apology to Spain, and after the researches telling that spaniards forgive the king and still considering their Monarchy a very important institution (!!!). So that's when we find out another rampant atrocity, this time in form of advertising and of the public domain: El Corte Ingles, a spanish shopping chain that exists at least in Spain and Portugal and it is a high shopping for high society where the filthy rich buy their gourmet food and their stylish clothes, some of them made of real fur, their jewels and other expensive trinkets. So now that shopping organizes hunting trips to hunt all kind of wild animals all across the globe: it doesn't matter if it's a protected or endangered specie 'cause money solves it they can hunt elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards, baboons, name it!
Unfortunatelly this is true, go and check their site:
And here's the list of animals and their hunting prices in their site that has the unfortunate name of amigas mascotas that means friendly pets in english! How gruesome!
As you can see to hunt a baboon they pay 350 euros, a hiena for 900 euros, a zebra for 700 euros, an orix for 890 euros, a giraffe for 2200 euros, a buffalo for 12 000 euros, a female leopard for 7500 euros, a leopard male for 10 000 euros!!! 
We can't allow this so here's the petition you must sign to stop this: STOP hunting trips
Contact info is very evident there, you can see a telephone number, a self phone number, a fax number or an e-mail so let's just full their e-mail box with our complaints of outrage!

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